Tuesday, July 16, 2013

I made it to the MTC!

Hola mi familia!! (:
Well, I made it!
Today has already been exhausting! I left everyone all sad and the first plane ride was pretty rough. I just sat there and prayed because i had nothing else to do.. So i guess when you dont have your phone as a teenager, you still have to communicate instantly with someone, so why not God?! I landed in Dallas shortly after! I met up with like 20 other Elders all going to the mexico MTC! I was reading some letters while waiting on my lay over, and someone came up behind me saying Hey Elder McGee! I was quite suprised because who would know my name? I wasnt even wearing my name badge! I turned around and it was an Elder named, Elder Horsely! We had heard about each other through mutual friends and added each other on facebook. It´s amazing how the Lord allows you to be comfortable in the scariest of places like a huge airport! I didn´t get to sit by any of them on the plane. I sat next to a lady who did not know any English, so after trying to convey my message to her and at least make a small conversation, I gave up and she said Esta Bien, tu es muy Gringo! Which means white boy pretty much! We made it to Mexico City, and man is this place huge. We flew over the city for a good 30 minutes.. When you are going 500MPH that is alot of distance. It´s like taking new york city and flattening it out! There are random mountains and just lots and lots and lots of people squished together! We got through customs and made it outside and met up with some other dudes who were wearing Church name badges but could barely speak English, so we all kinda worked as a team with 15 guys who barely know spanish, and 2 guys who barely know english. We figured it out and made it onto a sweet Mercedes MTC bus.
 We rode over to the temple and transfered to asnother bus and then traveled about 45 minutes to the new MTC. The city has so many bumps, and everyoine drives crazy. We would just be driving like 2 inches away from a semi truck. Theres not really any order here! Everyone just kinda drives. It´s not too hot either. Right now it´s like 60! So wearing a suit feels great! They handed us out some box lunches which had a Cocunut pineapple juice in it. Man, that was good! It was a definite welcome to the spanish culture. Finally we made it to the MTC, and this place is sweet! It´s like a bubble in the middle of mexico city where nothing is spray painted and all the buildings are well kept. I feel like im in heaven looking out into the nasty world (: I can already feel the spirit so strong here and we have only un packed and then i came to write all of you (: I´m safe and everything is awesome. I can tell that this is gonna be a great 6 weeks. We have three companisonships in our little apartment. It has 3 rooms, a bathroom, and a little study hall room for all of us to do our studying completed with a chalk board! So i have a key to room 304, and then i have a key to room 1, and then i have a key to closet 1. So no one will touch my stuff(:
 So that is about all I did today! Tonight i am going to eat dinner, and then probably sleep. I´ve been up for like 14 hours already. We have schedules and it says we can go to the temple every thursday, so im real excited for that (: Other than that ill have classes all day, and then I can workout, and they will have like soccer games and a bunch of activities. This is like a remodeld college campus! It has a bunch of different buildings and they are all named after Prophets (: Im with the 3rd week of missionaries, so there isnt really anyone here yet! Im ssure by the end of my 6 weeks, It´ll be packed! The keyboard here is a spanish keyboard, so all the keys and puntuation marks are all weird, so ive just been making a bunch of typos! Besides it´s a PC... Well thats about it! I love and miss all of you so much! Keep the love in Springfield high (: everyone out here is just so pumped to serve the Lord! I love you guys!
Elder McGee (officially with my name badge)

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