Saturday, February 22, 2014

Wow. Excellent week!

Wow. Excellent week! Cant believe how fast it went by. Its awesome living with other super awesome dudes becuase the time just volars! (Flys)
We had some really fun times this week! One of which involved me learning how to drive stick. I never knew how too before. I told my companion that I wanted to try it out because one of our cars is a manual! So I hopped in the drivers seat, stalled it twice and then I was on my way. So I drove around for the rest of the night, and then it was time to head up to santiago the next day! So I drove all the way there, and had some fun times driving around with a manual in downtown santiago. I stalled a few times and got a couple honks, but I was pumped! Took me like 10 minutes to learn. One time we had to go underground 2 levels to park. There are parking lots just below the streets and city. Its cool. Anyways, the little spiral hill to get in there was sooo steep! It was crazy! But fun. Im always in for adventures!

While we were in santiago we had to pick up carnets, which are like a ID here. We had to pick up like 34 of them. So we went downtown and there is always a huge line, so we waited forever until we got to the front and then the lady told us that we cant take out that many. So I dont know where it came from, but I totally threw down some direct words, and sweet talked her into talking to the manager and we got the job done. Its cool being a misisonary without really going around just teaching people, because we still receive tons of blessings. I dont know where the spanish came from nor the direct words form my mouth, but they got me what I needed thanks to our loving Heavenly Father who blesses us so much.
Its fun being in the office because you hear evry single little detail of the mission. It makes me just wanna be so obedient! Some people do some stupid stuff.
Another awesome experiance we had was when I accidently left the headlights on in the car and the batetry died. So we had no way to get back home because it was late and we didnt wanna call anyone! So we tried to push start it, and it didnt work after pushing as fast as we could. So then we went back up stairs to look it up on the computer and we found out how to really do it. So we did everything we could on our part. We thought of the idea, and tried it but it didnt work. So then we reached out and tried to get help from the computer, and it still didnt work. So then we finally humbly asked our Father in heaven to help us out a little bit. I love the moments when I pray knowing that something is possible. Knowing that God will pull through if we do everything we can and then humble ourselves before him. So we did it another time after the prayer, and boom the car turned over! It was such a moment of victory inside my heart. Its truly amazing the blessings that come if we do our part and then ask for more help.
Last week we went on the roof of our apartment! We ate papa Johns and just overlooked all of Rancagua! It was beautiful! I am so blessed to be able to have all these oppurtunities!
Last night there was a broadcast for all the priesthood men in Chile, Argentina, uruaguay and paraguay. Elder Rasband of the 70 and Elder Ballard from the 12 spoke. They pretty much told everyone to stop being lazy. It was pretty palo. (Direct) They pretty much just called all the bretheren out for not helping the missionaries. It was cool cause they spoke in english and they had a trasnlator. But the spirit was way strong and it was cool the be apart of that!
Today was amazing! We drove about 2 hours into the mountains with a mini van! The mountains here a absoulutely beautiful! We found a cool river, and found an amazing lodge. We then ate lunch and drank matte overlooking all of rancagua! Today was just beautiful. We visited Coya, its a small little mining town! We even got a flat tire and changed out the wheel (:
I am just living up the life here in Chile. I dont know if Ill be home in a year a half or not (; I love the poeple, the experiances and the land here!
I hope you all had a faboulous week in Springvegas and other parts of the world. You all inspire me to be better and work harder every day (: Thanks for all the support!
All my life I thought I was preparing for a mission, and now that Im here, I realized the mission is just preparing me for life.

"Dont Give up the things you want most, for the things you may want now."
I got alot of pictures to send this week (:

Elder McGee

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Que pasa familia y amigasos??

Que pasa familia y amigasos??
Les extraño mucho, pero se que están bien (:
Día de San Valentine se paso, pero fue buena (:

This week was crazy. They call the first week of every change "Semana Loca" (Crazy Week) here in the office, because we send people home, and we get new people in the mission. And then somehow there is always something else crazy that happens!
So basically, this week started off on sunday.

We got ready for Church that morning and then President called us and said an Elder got a concussion and needed to go up to the hospital in Santiago. So immediantely we went down to Curico which is about 2 hours and south, picked up the Elder, and then drove 2 hours back North to Rancagua, and then preeceded to go to santiago another hour north. So we missed Church my first week here in the office, which is a big deal, because Chuch is seriously the best part of the week! But its fun to help people out and this elder needed some help. So I ask myself " What would Jesus Do?" and I think he wouldve healed people (: So we took him back home and then drove back to rancagua. So a good 10 hour drive this on sunday. Then we got prepared to send home all the old guys who were "dying" in the mission. It was really fun, we had amazing fajitas and I had to say goodbye to one of my really good buddies who I met at the begginning of my mish, and he really helped me out.
So then we get a call about the same Elder who needede to go to the hospital, so we did the same trip of 8 hours or whatever to santiago, and we left him over night this time. So we finally got back home at like 330 in the morning on tuesday, and we had to be back up for the New misisonaries welcome at presidents house. So we had some really good hamburgers on this day.  It was fun to meet all the news, and see how excited they were to come out into the mission.
So then on tuesday, we had to go pickup the Elder again. So it was our third trip to santiago in 3 days. And while all of this was going on, we were coordinating the changes. Which is when like half the mission (250 people) changes house or places! So it was just wild.
I understood why they call this week La Semana Loca. So then the next couple of days we just did a bunch of office work for all the people that went home and the people that came out. We enter alot of Data into the computers for everyone, and we change around all the info for where the people live in the mish, and just do alot of stuff with their visas and other good stuff. Its fun, but I got a little wrestlous from being cooped up in the office for a few days. But its a fun atmosphere. Just knowing all the little things that are going on in the mission, and helping evrryone out! I think I am going to start making videos soon! Which would be tight, its just I dont have much equipment to work with (:
Today we went to a ferria in the morning, which is just a super cool thing that Chileans do. They shut down the streets and just sell a TON of fruit and clothes. Its like a huge garage sale, but eveyrone brings their own tents and sells stuff super cheap. So today we bought like blueberries, and nectorrines, and bananas and a ton of fruit for like 10 bucks. but we bought enough to last 4 hungry dudes for a week. Its super barato (Cheap) then we went shopping around a couple places, and got ready for the week. I think next week were gonna go north to a really cool place for PDay (:
So thats basically my week!
I love the Elders we live with!
We have a blast. Today we bought matchich ment teal ties.
Last night we drank matte on our 9th floor balcony looking out onto downtown Rancagua talking about life.
I couldnt ask for a better life right now. Im so happy (:

Love you all!
Hope you had a great valentines day with your loves. We bought roses for the asistents to the president (:

Good ole view of our balcony
The amount of matte we drink. Each packet makes a liter

Have an awesome week!
Elder McGee checking out.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Que pasaaaa amigos y familiares!!

Que pasaaaa amigos y familiares!!!!
La semana pasada ha sido tan buena!

My new house is amazing, we are overlooking the downtown of rancagua! Its way cool. We are on the ninth floor of some really nice apartments with a balcony and a bunch of windows. It may seem normal for all you all at home, but here in Chile this is like luxury! Its tight. We have cars to drive around, and I have my own phone. Its cool, cause not many others get to have opurtunities like this, so for that I am very thankful.
My new companion is named elder Archibald, and hes awesome. He is from Alberty Canada. (Forsyth family will be proud) We have already had a great time this week. We drove down the the most southern part of the mission named Talca. Its fun to be doing road trips, and enjoy the beautiful mountains of Chile!! We also ate a famous place called Donde Alex. They are famous for their "Completos" Which is a chilean Hotdog with extremely good bread, an inch of Palta (avocadoes) and and inch of mayonase. I dont know why but they are so greattt. (:
Lets see, Also my buddy from the MTC, Elder Loveridge was in Talca as well. It was good to see him for a little bit as we dropped off 5 boxes of book of Mormons to their zone.

Today was way fun. Everyone in the office hopped in the car and drove about 2 hours south to find a place in Chile that would be a buffet. Becuase those dont exist here. But we got there and it was closed, so we ended up driving a little farther and just ate at some hole in the wall place that served empanadas. It was cool though. It was basically like the front porch of someones house, and everyone here has grapes. Because grapes are Chiles number one export. So the little walk up to their house was like a roof of grapes hanging down. It was pretty cool!

Apart of having all these fun experiances, Im gonna learn how to drive stick so that Dallas will be proud of me because the office has a mission car with Stick. Also I started learning how to play Ukelele, and also harmonica! So thats pretty cool!

It was also fun this week helping with the Changes, because we got to help decide where people go, and who they will be with. No one in the mission even knows yet, and they wont know for a couple more hours!
Also we got a new asistent to the president this past week as well. He is actually one of my buddies that I met in the first few weeks of the mish!

So as far as the spiritual side goes, its cool to just read the scriptures on the balcony overlooking Rancagua. Its also even cooler to have 8 guys living in one house and singing awesome hymns at random times of the day. We have alot of fun, but its great becasue everyone knows it cool to be spiritual. Thats something you cant just have, Its somthing you gotta work hard for. My comp and I have a goal to baptize someone while being in the office. The last guy that did it was about a year ago. Its just diffulcult becuase we really dont have any time to go out into the Campo (field) But I had some wonderful experiances reading the bible this week, as I am reading in The Acts. What a wonderful book to explore and learn about the life of the only perfect man who ever lived on this earth! If we can all just be a little happier and work to be a better person all day. than we would enjoy life a little bit more. I kinda have gained the legacy of always being happy, and the other Elders were asking me how I do it. I told them there is never a reason to be sad. There are alot of aweful things that can happen to someone in this life, but like it says in D&C 122:7 All challenges are for our benefit. God would never give us something that we cant handle, and the only way we can overcome it is to just put that smile back on and continue on with life. Because Satans goals is to make us miserable! SO BE HAPPY! WOOOO.

I love you all and thank you for being my awesome support of family and friends. 
I sincerely thank you all for all the little things that have made a difference in my mission and life!

Elder McGee

Monday, February 3, 2014

Hey family and friends!

Hey family and friends!
I dont have much time this week, but I wil type as fast as I possibly can!
This week was great as always, and I cant believe January already went by! Only 11 more months of 2014.. Its gonna fly.

As far as events went this week, we had an activity on friday, where called karamate. Where everyone drinks matte and sings karaoke. It was really fun! Its interesting here in south america, because everyone knows alot more english than we know spanish. I think its because they listen to alot of songs in english!

We have our recent convert Aquiles whois doing awesome. We bought him a triple, which contains the book of mormon, and 2 other awesome books. thats why its called the triple, anyways, on his table he had his triple and hhiis book of mormon. (the blue one) and we had a discussion about how his reading was going, and he told us that the triple was more interesting, even though they are the same book. We all laughed, and we explained to him that they are the same story. haha.

Last night was pretty hard because I had to say goodbye to my new family. Im not gonna lie, it was pretty hard because there is a good chance I could never see them again. But I will see my family at home again. But we had a big barbeque, and enjoyed times together. I gave them my final little goodbye speach and they all cried, and it was just great and sad. I also bore my testimony yesterday, which was a little harder in spanish, but the ward building was full of people and many told me they cried with my testimony. Its hard because tese people are truly my family now, and I have to say goodbye to them because Im leaving this area today!

Im gonna miss these 2 elders Im with too. We had an awesome time together and really just enjoyed the mission to the max. Working hard, and playing hard.

Saturday, we painted the back of this families house bright green. I love all the colors people paint there houses here (:

Anyways, thats about it on my week!
I hope you all have a wonderful beautiful snowy week, Ill keep getting tan for all of you (:
Elder McGee