Saturday, February 22, 2014

Wow. Excellent week!

Wow. Excellent week! Cant believe how fast it went by. Its awesome living with other super awesome dudes becuase the time just volars! (Flys)
We had some really fun times this week! One of which involved me learning how to drive stick. I never knew how too before. I told my companion that I wanted to try it out because one of our cars is a manual! So I hopped in the drivers seat, stalled it twice and then I was on my way. So I drove around for the rest of the night, and then it was time to head up to santiago the next day! So I drove all the way there, and had some fun times driving around with a manual in downtown santiago. I stalled a few times and got a couple honks, but I was pumped! Took me like 10 minutes to learn. One time we had to go underground 2 levels to park. There are parking lots just below the streets and city. Its cool. Anyways, the little spiral hill to get in there was sooo steep! It was crazy! But fun. Im always in for adventures!

While we were in santiago we had to pick up carnets, which are like a ID here. We had to pick up like 34 of them. So we went downtown and there is always a huge line, so we waited forever until we got to the front and then the lady told us that we cant take out that many. So I dont know where it came from, but I totally threw down some direct words, and sweet talked her into talking to the manager and we got the job done. Its cool being a misisonary without really going around just teaching people, because we still receive tons of blessings. I dont know where the spanish came from nor the direct words form my mouth, but they got me what I needed thanks to our loving Heavenly Father who blesses us so much.
Its fun being in the office because you hear evry single little detail of the mission. It makes me just wanna be so obedient! Some people do some stupid stuff.
Another awesome experiance we had was when I accidently left the headlights on in the car and the batetry died. So we had no way to get back home because it was late and we didnt wanna call anyone! So we tried to push start it, and it didnt work after pushing as fast as we could. So then we went back up stairs to look it up on the computer and we found out how to really do it. So we did everything we could on our part. We thought of the idea, and tried it but it didnt work. So then we reached out and tried to get help from the computer, and it still didnt work. So then we finally humbly asked our Father in heaven to help us out a little bit. I love the moments when I pray knowing that something is possible. Knowing that God will pull through if we do everything we can and then humble ourselves before him. So we did it another time after the prayer, and boom the car turned over! It was such a moment of victory inside my heart. Its truly amazing the blessings that come if we do our part and then ask for more help.
Last week we went on the roof of our apartment! We ate papa Johns and just overlooked all of Rancagua! It was beautiful! I am so blessed to be able to have all these oppurtunities!
Last night there was a broadcast for all the priesthood men in Chile, Argentina, uruaguay and paraguay. Elder Rasband of the 70 and Elder Ballard from the 12 spoke. They pretty much told everyone to stop being lazy. It was pretty palo. (Direct) They pretty much just called all the bretheren out for not helping the missionaries. It was cool cause they spoke in english and they had a trasnlator. But the spirit was way strong and it was cool the be apart of that!
Today was amazing! We drove about 2 hours into the mountains with a mini van! The mountains here a absoulutely beautiful! We found a cool river, and found an amazing lodge. We then ate lunch and drank matte overlooking all of rancagua! Today was just beautiful. We visited Coya, its a small little mining town! We even got a flat tire and changed out the wheel (:
I am just living up the life here in Chile. I dont know if Ill be home in a year a half or not (; I love the poeple, the experiances and the land here!
I hope you all had a faboulous week in Springvegas and other parts of the world. You all inspire me to be better and work harder every day (: Thanks for all the support!
All my life I thought I was preparing for a mission, and now that Im here, I realized the mission is just preparing me for life.

"Dont Give up the things you want most, for the things you may want now."
I got alot of pictures to send this week (:

Elder McGee

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