Saturday, February 15, 2014

Que pasa familia y amigasos??

Que pasa familia y amigasos??
Les extraño mucho, pero se que están bien (:
Día de San Valentine se paso, pero fue buena (:

This week was crazy. They call the first week of every change "Semana Loca" (Crazy Week) here in the office, because we send people home, and we get new people in the mission. And then somehow there is always something else crazy that happens!
So basically, this week started off on sunday.

We got ready for Church that morning and then President called us and said an Elder got a concussion and needed to go up to the hospital in Santiago. So immediantely we went down to Curico which is about 2 hours and south, picked up the Elder, and then drove 2 hours back North to Rancagua, and then preeceded to go to santiago another hour north. So we missed Church my first week here in the office, which is a big deal, because Chuch is seriously the best part of the week! But its fun to help people out and this elder needed some help. So I ask myself " What would Jesus Do?" and I think he wouldve healed people (: So we took him back home and then drove back to rancagua. So a good 10 hour drive this on sunday. Then we got prepared to send home all the old guys who were "dying" in the mission. It was really fun, we had amazing fajitas and I had to say goodbye to one of my really good buddies who I met at the begginning of my mish, and he really helped me out.
So then we get a call about the same Elder who needede to go to the hospital, so we did the same trip of 8 hours or whatever to santiago, and we left him over night this time. So we finally got back home at like 330 in the morning on tuesday, and we had to be back up for the New misisonaries welcome at presidents house. So we had some really good hamburgers on this day.  It was fun to meet all the news, and see how excited they were to come out into the mission.
So then on tuesday, we had to go pickup the Elder again. So it was our third trip to santiago in 3 days. And while all of this was going on, we were coordinating the changes. Which is when like half the mission (250 people) changes house or places! So it was just wild.
I understood why they call this week La Semana Loca. So then the next couple of days we just did a bunch of office work for all the people that went home and the people that came out. We enter alot of Data into the computers for everyone, and we change around all the info for where the people live in the mish, and just do alot of stuff with their visas and other good stuff. Its fun, but I got a little wrestlous from being cooped up in the office for a few days. But its a fun atmosphere. Just knowing all the little things that are going on in the mission, and helping evrryone out! I think I am going to start making videos soon! Which would be tight, its just I dont have much equipment to work with (:
Today we went to a ferria in the morning, which is just a super cool thing that Chileans do. They shut down the streets and just sell a TON of fruit and clothes. Its like a huge garage sale, but eveyrone brings their own tents and sells stuff super cheap. So today we bought like blueberries, and nectorrines, and bananas and a ton of fruit for like 10 bucks. but we bought enough to last 4 hungry dudes for a week. Its super barato (Cheap) then we went shopping around a couple places, and got ready for the week. I think next week were gonna go north to a really cool place for PDay (:
So thats basically my week!
I love the Elders we live with!
We have a blast. Today we bought matchich ment teal ties.
Last night we drank matte on our 9th floor balcony looking out onto downtown Rancagua talking about life.
I couldnt ask for a better life right now. Im so happy (:

Love you all!
Hope you had a great valentines day with your loves. We bought roses for the asistents to the president (:

Good ole view of our balcony
The amount of matte we drink. Each packet makes a liter

Have an awesome week!
Elder McGee checking out.

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