Monday, January 27, 2014

Whats up YALL. miss all the good ole english slang (:

I miss all the good ole english slang (: 
Its weird to think about speaking in english now, even when I speak in english with another gringo we talk in the spanish form, like we use spanish vocabulary and say things that dont make any since in english, but it makes since to us (:
This week was super cool! As they usually are!
One of our companions had to go to the hospital this passed week because he got sick, so we had to stay in the house one day. Another day we helped out with a church activity the whole day, so we really didnt have much time to work this week. But we still managed to find 9 more people to teach which was more than last week. Which is amazing because last week we had a full hard working week. Its interesting sometimes when you have less, you manage to work just as hard or harder becuase you think wiser. Its kinda the same principle as tithing.

One day this week we were helping a member set up his swimming pool. Everyone here has the plastic setup pools in their little side yards. But anyways, this show was on about all the awesome places you can travel in Chile. It was really amazing, and it was even more amazing that they were using music from my favorite band: Angels And Airwaves. It was just a nice relaxing gift (: Sometimes you just gotta be thankful for the small things in life. Another small but awesome thing that happened this passed week was that some of our investigators bought some really nice picture frames for some pictures of Jesus that we gave them, and they put them all up in their house. Its cool to see someone put Jesus Christ as the center of their home. So I encourage you all to put up a picture of Jesus in your house if you dont already have one. We should always remember what he did for us. He died for our sins so that we can live with our Heavenly Father again. That is something we can never repay, and somehting that we should never forget. ´

I learned how to make sopapillas this week from a member who is just like my Grandma McGee. It was awesome.

We had some really inspiraing and spiritual lessons this week. One of them ending with tears in everyones eyes. Those are always the best. BEcuase that means they felt it and we had the spirit with us teaching. There are a ton of other things but I need to do a better job of writing them down (:
Sometimes I dont even have time to write in my Journal because my companions are both so cool, and we talk about life and drink matte (:

Have a good week. Do somehting that makes someone else happy. 

Monday, January 20, 2014

Hello Beautifuls (:

I just want to start off and thank you all for the continued love and support. Everyone doing all the little things really makes a difference! Whether its a pray at night, an email, or a letter, I am just so thankful to know and be associated with such great family and friends (:
Im glad you have all enjoyed my adventures and stories as much as I have. It truly has been a blessing to be here in Chile and give these people my everything.

Currently we are in a trio. So Im with two other missionaries! Its pretty fun, and goofy to be with 2 other people (: One of the elders came out with me, so we had a good time in mexico together! Im with Elder Maxfield from utah, and Elder Sosa from Honduras. We have a blast. Working as hard as possible, and having fun in the process.
As far as miracles, this week I took part in one that was mighty strong. We had given this lady a blessing like 3 months ago. It seemed as just a normal blessing, and I didnt think much of it, and then this passed week, she told me that this blessing had saved her life. She went to the doctors for pain, and they thought that had found cancer, so thats why she asked us for a blessing, but she didnt say anything about the cancer. She had to go to the doctor again to run some tests to see what it was and ebverything like that, but they couldnt find anything. She said, there was nothing wrong in her body. She was perfectly fine. So that to me was a testimony of the power of the priesthood. If you dont know what the priesthood is, ask a member of my family. Its truly a blessing for me, and my testimony was strengthened. (:
This week we had service again every single morning, and we are working out, and running, and we are just going going going. My body is just being pushed to the max, but I love it (:
We ate sushi one night at a members house!
One day we had to eat two lunches, I almost died!
Other than that, we are just here in Chile as representitives of Jesus Christ devoting all our time and energy to teaching people about the Gospel of Jesus Christ, Gospel means the teachings of Christ. (:
So I hit 6 months in the mission this past week, and it was cool that the other elder that came out with me was there because we both burned ties (: It was fun! I never thought id be this far in the mission!
Today we had an asado with the whole zone, that was way fun, and then we played soccer for a while! It was fun! Oh asado means barbque!
Well thats my week in a jiffy (:
I love you all and continue to pray for friends and family!
Thanks for enjoying my adventures with me!
Elder McGee

Monday, January 13, 2014

Haz lo grande o ve a casa!

Wow this week I feel like I learned a ton! I've adopted a new motto for my mission: TRABAJA AL MÁXIMO! Work to the max. Because that's all I wanna do. I can't stand preparation days, or the times when we have no choice but to lose time. Lose the Lords time that is. We only have 24 hours a day to give it our all, because ever day that we don't accomplish our best, our day was lost. If we're not getting better and accomplishing more than the day before, we're not progressing to live with God again. I learned a ton this week. Because I feel like I truly gave it my all. Because I did that, the devil worked harder on me. We had problems with our ward mission leader because I was working, working, working. We were late to some of our meetings because we were teaching everyone! Basically he got mad because I gave it my all (: but what can we do besides try harder.

We planned a really cool Noche de Hogar for everyone in the ward this past week! The theme was to read the book of mormon. We made a huge book of mormon, and I made 2 videos! One of them was a movie trailer and a challenge! It was alot of fun, and we had a good night!

This week we really focused on trying to find new people to teach. I think my favorite thing is when something clicks in someones head, and the understand the importance of baptism, or to follow Jesus Christ. There is always a light that starts to glow in their eyes! But my ultimate favorite part is when someone offers a very sincere prayer, usually the first one in their lives, and they feel the spirit and a receive an answer. That is by far my favorite part of the mission!

This passed week we also did a ton of service for these people in Chile. Everything from painting, to mowing, to rewiring a house for electricity. Its so great to help people and not accept money. Just to see the relief on their faces is all the way worth it (:

I really am enjoying the mission! Its such a blast, and theres not anything else I would rather be doing (: One night this week, we had 4 more others come and stay the night in our little apartment. It was really fun. We ordered pizza, which came by moped, and drank matte (: I feel like im just livin the good life.

I love you all, and hope you all are becoming better ever day, because that really is the purpose of each day that we have.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Wow hey! Another week, another year!? Where did the time go! But Happy new year!!

Link for a video Jordan Made:

Wow hey! Another week, another year!? Where did the time go! But Happy new year!! (: I hope you all enjoyed this wonderful new year! 2014! What a great time to put awesome new goals! 

The new year passed pretty awesome! I thought it would be lame because we had to be in the house at 7, but it actually turned out to be the best New Years I have had! A family brought us dinner which was so great! And then the assistants called us and dropped off 2 more missionaries. So we had a mini party. There is a little thing outside of our window, and we put a blanket out there, and watched the fireworks and drank matte! It was just so tight! I don't know why(: but people here are crazy. There were just people everyone until like 6 in the morning. It was pretty fun! I invited some really good mate! We Its actually Terere, or however you spell it, but its lemonade, matte, and Ice. Wow Its so good on these HOT days here in Chile!

This week was great! We had changes, which I think I told you guys about. But my new comp is ending his mission this change too! So I've now "killed" 2 missionaries. It's great though, because I have learned so much because they have 2 FULL years of experience! It's so tight. I think this passed week was really the week that I learned the most spanish and progressed the most. I did a lot of talking this past week (: one day this week we started off really good! Studying, feeling the spirit, and doing everything right. We then went out into the street, and we had 2 of our big plans call us and cancel almost back to back. It just really got me down. I'm not sure why, but we decided to just buy some lemonades ( you can buy something called an express, which costs like 50 cents, but it's a small glass bottle and you drink it and then give them the bottle, they are sweet) anyways we sat down and offered a prayer. I said it with a ton of sincerity! We then carried out and decided the go check out this part of the sector which is super far! So we walked like 20 minutes down this rocky road where all these super rich people live. Anyways long story short, we found 6 new people to teach in one day! Only after a trial of your faith can you be blessed. I have learned that over and over and over in the mission!

This past sunday, we had an investigator come to church after 5 months of teaching her family. She always told us that she would come when she wanted too. The other night, I dont know how or where it came from ( Well.. It was the spirit) But I said some amaazing words. A little bit palo ( Literally means stick, but here it means like direct), but I was loving. Somehow it worked. She came to church after 5 months of trying!! Talk about miracles. She also excepted a baptismal date (: Wow! Working miracles baby.

I just wanna give a shoutout to Michael Bowman, and Rick McGee for having birthdays this week. I love you both (: Also another shout out to Tearnie McGee who has a birthday coming up! Wooo! Here in chile, if you have a birthday, you have to put your face in the cake, and then everyone eats it after. Its pretty funny. They sing feliz cumplianos, and then say Bite it, bite it, bite it!

Well thats about all that happened in my first week of 2014 in Chile (: You guys are such a great support!!Inline image 2Inline image 1