Monday, January 13, 2014

Haz lo grande o ve a casa!

Wow this week I feel like I learned a ton! I've adopted a new motto for my mission: TRABAJA AL MÁXIMO! Work to the max. Because that's all I wanna do. I can't stand preparation days, or the times when we have no choice but to lose time. Lose the Lords time that is. We only have 24 hours a day to give it our all, because ever day that we don't accomplish our best, our day was lost. If we're not getting better and accomplishing more than the day before, we're not progressing to live with God again. I learned a ton this week. Because I feel like I truly gave it my all. Because I did that, the devil worked harder on me. We had problems with our ward mission leader because I was working, working, working. We were late to some of our meetings because we were teaching everyone! Basically he got mad because I gave it my all (: but what can we do besides try harder.

We planned a really cool Noche de Hogar for everyone in the ward this past week! The theme was to read the book of mormon. We made a huge book of mormon, and I made 2 videos! One of them was a movie trailer and a challenge! It was alot of fun, and we had a good night!

This week we really focused on trying to find new people to teach. I think my favorite thing is when something clicks in someones head, and the understand the importance of baptism, or to follow Jesus Christ. There is always a light that starts to glow in their eyes! But my ultimate favorite part is when someone offers a very sincere prayer, usually the first one in their lives, and they feel the spirit and a receive an answer. That is by far my favorite part of the mission!

This passed week we also did a ton of service for these people in Chile. Everything from painting, to mowing, to rewiring a house for electricity. Its so great to help people and not accept money. Just to see the relief on their faces is all the way worth it (:

I really am enjoying the mission! Its such a blast, and theres not anything else I would rather be doing (: One night this week, we had 4 more others come and stay the night in our little apartment. It was really fun. We ordered pizza, which came by moped, and drank matte (: I feel like im just livin the good life.

I love you all, and hope you all are becoming better ever day, because that really is the purpose of each day that we have.

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