Monday, January 20, 2014

Hello Beautifuls (:

I just want to start off and thank you all for the continued love and support. Everyone doing all the little things really makes a difference! Whether its a pray at night, an email, or a letter, I am just so thankful to know and be associated with such great family and friends (:
Im glad you have all enjoyed my adventures and stories as much as I have. It truly has been a blessing to be here in Chile and give these people my everything.

Currently we are in a trio. So Im with two other missionaries! Its pretty fun, and goofy to be with 2 other people (: One of the elders came out with me, so we had a good time in mexico together! Im with Elder Maxfield from utah, and Elder Sosa from Honduras. We have a blast. Working as hard as possible, and having fun in the process.
As far as miracles, this week I took part in one that was mighty strong. We had given this lady a blessing like 3 months ago. It seemed as just a normal blessing, and I didnt think much of it, and then this passed week, she told me that this blessing had saved her life. She went to the doctors for pain, and they thought that had found cancer, so thats why she asked us for a blessing, but she didnt say anything about the cancer. She had to go to the doctor again to run some tests to see what it was and ebverything like that, but they couldnt find anything. She said, there was nothing wrong in her body. She was perfectly fine. So that to me was a testimony of the power of the priesthood. If you dont know what the priesthood is, ask a member of my family. Its truly a blessing for me, and my testimony was strengthened. (:
This week we had service again every single morning, and we are working out, and running, and we are just going going going. My body is just being pushed to the max, but I love it (:
We ate sushi one night at a members house!
One day we had to eat two lunches, I almost died!
Other than that, we are just here in Chile as representitives of Jesus Christ devoting all our time and energy to teaching people about the Gospel of Jesus Christ, Gospel means the teachings of Christ. (:
So I hit 6 months in the mission this past week, and it was cool that the other elder that came out with me was there because we both burned ties (: It was fun! I never thought id be this far in the mission!
Today we had an asado with the whole zone, that was way fun, and then we played soccer for a while! It was fun! Oh asado means barbque!
Well thats my week in a jiffy (:
I love you all and continue to pray for friends and family!
Thanks for enjoying my adventures with me!
Elder McGee

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