Saturday, April 26, 2014

How beautiful this world truly is!

Well I just wanna thank you all who participated in my super awesome birthday video!
That was soooo awesome (: It made me super trunky, but I loved it! I seriously have the best family and friends!!
Anyways, this week I turned 19 and it was a beautiful day! My companion and I went to a nearby lake and did our weekly planning! Then I just sat there and overlooked the different shaded blue mountains, the changes colors leaves, and the beautiful blue water, and just thought about how beautiful this world truly is!

We ordered pizza 3 times this week.. It was good. Papa Johns all the way!
I finalized and approved our new mission logo! President was very happy about it. It was cool to actually put my talents to use again (:
We went shopping all around town to find a person who could make us a big huge picture frame for the big map we printed off of the mission!
On tuesday we headed up to Santiago to get some visa work done for the other misisonaries, and we had the oppurtunity for my companion to go see his brother who will be serving a little more south in Chile. When you fly into santiago from chile, you have to leave and go back through security to fly internationally. So it was cool for him to see his brother! We also met some new missionaries, and one who was going home. It was cool!
One senior couple of missionaries named the Jetts invited me over for a birthday almuerzo and it was super yummy! curi Food!
One day I went to the district meetings and they were doing some practices, so I just hungout with President for a while. It was cool to just talk about normal stuff with him! He is a wonderful man, and really guides this mission where is should go!
Yesterday I ate with some members from my first area of being here in chile. It was really good to visit them. Their son is actually in the mission where Dallas is going! So they will probably meet! Small world.
Other than all that, we finished the change plans which are coming up next week. Basically we are in charge of getting the old misisonaires out of here and get the new ones here safe and sound! We have 19 new people coming this next change. The 6th of May. Thats crazy because each one of them needs a trainer, and they each of 2-3 suitcases. So its just a crazy week! But Im looking forward to it (:
I love each and everyone one of you! Thanks for all your support!
Elder McGee

p.s. There are alot of pictures this week (:

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Crazy couple of days this week!

I forgot to wish you all a happy easter!
Watch this awesome video (:

Crazy couple of days this week! Sunday night we had a Hermana in the hospital because she passed out, then Monday we had an injury and another Hermana passed out and went to the hospital. We also had a robbery and someone enter into one of the houses! Haha Crazy South American stuff! Now don’t get me wrong, Chile is super safe, but like anywhere things can happen! Elder Harding and I have been working on a song together and we will be sending home a video muy pronto! So I hope you all enjoy soon (;
We had more conferences this week with some of the zones sown south. We haleped with the food, and was fun one day because President left us the keys to his house to go get the food early in the morning. We joked about telling him we spent the night and had a party (:
We got a large map printed off of the mission this week!
We pulled another million pesos out of the bank as pictured below.. (:
We went up to santiago one day as well which was a blast because we went by bus and metro. So we took a big bus up there and then went underground and traveled to all the different places to get our tasks done. Its ridicoulous how many people are going to different places up there in Santiago. We got one one metro that was so full it looked like those crazy japanese youtube videos where they just try to shove you on there before the doors close! We got one one bus that had a life band playing, and we also witnessed a drumline strike in the downtown central area. We got back to Rancagua, and got to do a service project with a member cleaning out a big pool.
And then for all your enjoyement, I had another mini vacation today. I actually do work during the week so you all know. But today we woke up at 530 to get onto the road and traveled to a little place called Pichilemu. It is one of the surf capitals of the world! They host huge surf competions there every year. We saw some huge waves! Some of the biggest ones Ive seen. This little town is so cool! Its just a little surf shack town where people are literally beach bums. Apparently Jack Johnson has a house down there and I got a picture with it! We went to the punto de los lobos. The point of the wolves. Its super famous here in Chile. It was super cold there, but there were some odd 50 surfers out there. It was way cool! Such a beautiful place, and it was amazing just to sit up on a huge cliff over looking the ocean and thanking God for this wonderful place to live. Its so great to sit back and Thank God for our breath each day, and the ability to walk or see! Never take things for Granted (:
So heres some pictures. Enjoy.

Love, Elder McGee

p.s. I turn 19 tomorrow which is why there is a big 19 in the sand!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Flu-Shots, Caribineros, and Conferencias!

Flu-Shots, Caribineros, and Conferencias!

Let’s just say that every week here in Chile is just a little more delightful than the one preceding. This week was another amazing week nestled amidst the Andy’s and the Pacific Ocean here in Rancagua. We had the opportunity to be attentive to the discourses from the sensational authorities of the Church on Sunday. If you want to hear some inspirational talks, I advise that you head over to and click on General conference. J On Monday we set out on a journey to complete some tasks and travel to the grand city of Santiago, where one can find what is termed as the “Extranjeria” or Foreign Affairs. Whilst perambulating and in like manner, we happened to discover the Tallest architecture in South America. In the return home, we encountered tribulation and we had been “Pointed over” by a Caribinero (The Police). Now, let me explain. Here in Chile, they do not “pull you over,” they simply give you a stern point from the side of the highway. So I indeed veered off onto the shoulder of the highway (Ruta 5). We anxiously awaited for theCarbinero to come scold us for driving above the speed limit, but nothing happened for ten minutes. We finally determined to exit theauto (Car). As we approached the young Carabinero, he acted as if nothing had occurred. We made a small conversation with him, to find out we had exceeded the limit by thirty kilometers per hour. Oops.. He noticed our grins, and I’m sure our missionary spirits, and simply told us to be more careful. Whew! Close call. We also had the opportunity to stumble upon BAGELS and CREAM CHEESE. It was amazing. After 9 months without such a delightful treat. Likewise, we have been having Conferencias de Zona and our enfermera(Nurse) has given flu shots to every missionary here. The conferences are really fun because you get to meet and greet every missionary. It’s been a blast. 

Even this morning we spent the majority of our preperation day in a conference. But its fine, we enjoyed the rest of the day and arrived here in the office to write you all! This morning we went over the whats called the "Feria" which is like a farmers market. I think i have told you all about that. Anyways, we bought a ton of platanos (Bananas) and frutillas and palta! (Strawberries and avocadoes) It was a rathe rrelaxing week in the office just doing work. Last night we actually got to o out to the sector and teach an awesome lesson. You truly can sanctify yourself through missionary work. Its wonderful to feel the spirit like that.
S/O to my homeboy DallyBoySwagMcGee for getting his mish call! Im so excited to share some south american pride with him. and its gonna be tight to speak in spanish (: I actually have a good friend there in Columbia. He is from a family I met here in Chile. Im super animated for Dallas!
P.s. I will finally be old enough to serve a mission next week (: haha
Other than that, not much other stuff happened!
We are starting week 4 here and I will probably be training a new secretary this next change!
Miss you all and thank you for the support each and every day!
Elder McGee

enjoy some pictures...
Especially my boss america hoody that I bought for 2 dollars!

Saturday, April 5, 2014

This week Chile was hit by 2 huge earthquakes

This week Chile was hit by 2 huge earthquakes up in the north. We are all good down here because Chile is longer than the tip of mexico to the top of canada. We are like 1100 miles away from where the epicenter was. But last night we did have a pretty strong temblor. (Temblor means like a small earthquake) Henceforth why this email is entitled "Tembloritos" Cause everything here has "itos" on it. Basically means like small. Hey Perrito (little dog), I want some tortito (Little Cake). But its weird cause it doesnt mean little on really anything. Its just how they talk here!

Anyways, we spent alot of time here in the office recouperating from week one in office work!
Some of the highlights:
-Made Strawberry Daquiris… TWICE
-2 Earthquakes in northern Chile
-Copied and sorted 250 passports
-Had a little training meeting with some guys from Santiago. (Which was really cool and helped us with alot of things)
-I Redesigned the Mission Logo
-Winter Happened this week.
-Found canned chicken breast in a gringo store (Still looking for mountain dew in chile) (They do have rootbeer)

For all you who might not know what General Conference is... Its basically a huge meeting with our Leaders of the church and they teach us awesome principles about Christs life and how we can become better people. Millions of people are tuned into the live broadcast that shows in Churchs all around the world. There are 2 more sessionstomorrow if you would like to hear from one of God´s living prophets on the earth today. (:

Last week I was still sweating and wearing short sleeve shirts, and this week I had to get a jacket, and I got some new gloves! Lots of continued office work. We get new projects it seems like every day! When the guys came down from Santiago it was pretty much like an audit. They wanted to see our system and how we work. They were surprised to know that everything was going great. We just had to change a couple little things and we were good! Other missions have a lot of work ahead of them. Haha. Im half way through a book called Milagro de perdón. "The miracle of forgiveness!" Its so wonderful. I have learned so much through Christ´s example and his Grace for us. Its way hard to truly comprehend, but when you learn more and more about his atonement for us. It BLOWS your mind.
I hope you all had a wonderful week this past week.
You all are the best support.
Elder McJazzy