Saturday, April 26, 2014

How beautiful this world truly is!

Well I just wanna thank you all who participated in my super awesome birthday video!
That was soooo awesome (: It made me super trunky, but I loved it! I seriously have the best family and friends!!
Anyways, this week I turned 19 and it was a beautiful day! My companion and I went to a nearby lake and did our weekly planning! Then I just sat there and overlooked the different shaded blue mountains, the changes colors leaves, and the beautiful blue water, and just thought about how beautiful this world truly is!

We ordered pizza 3 times this week.. It was good. Papa Johns all the way!
I finalized and approved our new mission logo! President was very happy about it. It was cool to actually put my talents to use again (:
We went shopping all around town to find a person who could make us a big huge picture frame for the big map we printed off of the mission!
On tuesday we headed up to Santiago to get some visa work done for the other misisonaries, and we had the oppurtunity for my companion to go see his brother who will be serving a little more south in Chile. When you fly into santiago from chile, you have to leave and go back through security to fly internationally. So it was cool for him to see his brother! We also met some new missionaries, and one who was going home. It was cool!
One senior couple of missionaries named the Jetts invited me over for a birthday almuerzo and it was super yummy! curi Food!
One day I went to the district meetings and they were doing some practices, so I just hungout with President for a while. It was cool to just talk about normal stuff with him! He is a wonderful man, and really guides this mission where is should go!
Yesterday I ate with some members from my first area of being here in chile. It was really good to visit them. Their son is actually in the mission where Dallas is going! So they will probably meet! Small world.
Other than all that, we finished the change plans which are coming up next week. Basically we are in charge of getting the old misisonaires out of here and get the new ones here safe and sound! We have 19 new people coming this next change. The 6th of May. Thats crazy because each one of them needs a trainer, and they each of 2-3 suitcases. So its just a crazy week! But Im looking forward to it (:
I love each and everyone one of you! Thanks for all your support!
Elder McGee

p.s. There are alot of pictures this week (:

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