Saturday, May 3, 2014

Hey familia!

Hey familia!

This week was a pretty busy one, as they all are here in the paradise of Chile!

-The biggest news, would be that I got a new companion here in the office with me!
his name is Elder Johns, and he will be the new secretary with me! I will be training him and are gonna have a blast! He is from tennesee so we have already been making red neck jokes and what not!

-The past week we got to eat with a senior couple here with us. They made us an american meal and it was heavenly! Afterwords, he sat down and played us a bunch of really inspirational songs. It was a fun experiance!

-One day we went up to Santiago to get some carnets for differnet misisonaries! We got to show my new companion around. The big cities are fun and all, but for me, I would prefer little Rancagua or Springfield. There is just a sense of urgency when you are there.

-We had our first rain storm here in Rancagua. It was my first time seeing rain since I got here. It rained for a couple days and flooded, which wasnt too different from home. But the cool thing was that it capped all the mountains with snow. so it looks beautiful here now! Its starting too cool off. We dont have central heating in the houses here in Chile, so it gets chilly at night!

-Last sunday we actually had a cool experiance! We went out into the sector for once to teach some people. We had 2 lessons that night, and both of them were awesome. The first one, we took the new senior couple of missionaries out with us, who dont speak much spanish. It was cool to see how much I had progressed since I got here almost 10 months ago not knowing anything! Anyways, we helped out a lady who was really struggling, we taught her about the Atonement of Jesus Christ, and how because of what he did takes the weight off our shoulders if she will let him in to her life. There were lots of tears of Joy and happiness! The second lesson we had we picked up a joven from the ward, and took him around not knowing where to go, cause we dont really know anyone in our ward. He took us to this house and we entered. The wife was an inactive member of the church and was having a really hard day. We happened to show up and shared a little message and she was just so joyeful and thanked us with tears. She has special duaghter and we helped her move her into her bed. They were just 2 really neat experiances and special (:

-We helped out the comisarios this week a little bit too and painted some of the mission houses we have here!

-Read Alma 32:15 in the Book of Mormon. It helped me out this week (:

-Today we went exploring around a lake for Prep day!

Love you all and have a good week!

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