Saturday, May 10, 2014

Miss you all and excited to talk to you tomorrow (:(:

Hey there!
We had another wonderful week here in Paradise Chile!
Its starting to get colder and colder! Today you couldnt even see the mountains because of all the fog!

This past weekend we had a general authrority come to our stake conference and he gave some wonderful messages!
We had the big changes for the mission this past week, and usually about 30 percent of the people get switched to a new area. So some odd 250 missionaries are traveling around and getting with their new companions, we are in charge of taking missionaries to the airport and picking up the new ones. This week is called the semana loca for many reasons! This change went really smooth, thanks to all the planning we did in advanced. We sent home 13 and recieved 17. We had our last almuerzo with all the old missionaries, and took them up to santiago on monday at night. It was pretty tough to see some good buddies go! We got home at like 8 and immediately started planning for all the latins to go home throughout the night. We made the trip up at 4 in the morning, waking up at 3. We dropped them off and made sure they got on and then headed over to get all the news waiting for us. That was a blast. We got them all back to Rancagua safely and got them to the meetings. We gather alot of visa stuff and they get a small training, recieve their trainer and then head our to the sector. We are in charge everyone gets tp the bus station of their sector safely. Then we are finished with the changes. Its alot of work and very little sleep for a couple days in there! We imediately got to work on all the legal work for the new poeple and then wednesday they had a leaderhsip meeting. We didnt have a car this day so we headed to presidents house in a collectivo which is like a taxi but its on a circuit, and then president wanted us to run some errands, so he gave us his car which is pretty nice and an honor for him to trust us! We ran all around and finished stuff, and then the next day we ran up to santiago so that we could get some legal work done, and some other medical stuff as well. We got extremely lost too. It was a blast, but there are alot of poeple there! I got sick this past week cause we missed out on a lot of sleep, but here in the office, you cant really take a sick day cause the work needs to be done, so you lift up your head and keep going. There is a ton to do, and on top of that Im training my companion how to do everything as well! Its fun, but Im learning stuff as we go! So that was basicallly my crazy week. There is never a dull moment here though. Im with some of the greatest people and we just have a complete blast! In the office we are 6 elders and a senior couple. 3 gringos, 1 from columbia, 1 from guatemala, and the other from mexico. Its a blast!
I also got to see a family that means alot to me from my first area. They are called the Peñalillos! I saw them and with my first companion. It was a good moment (:
Today the other elders had to go do different takss around the mission but my companoion and I continued with our normal prep day. We did some shopping for the week and then headed into the mountains to explore. It was a blast. My companion  reminds me a ton of sterling! He just laughs about everything, so we have a good time! I got my birthday package from the family! I enjoy it alot and thanks for all the letters that came in it! Thanks to benji for the new yoyo strings, so that I can impress all the kids here in Chile! I have the best family!
Congrats to Dallas for graduating and Dad on the new business.
Miss you all and excited to talk to you tomorrow (:(:

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