Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Im old now... 20 years old!

Im old now... 20 years old! Im entering my third decade! Wowww. Its funny because Im still young to be a missionary! haha.
This week was awesome. We brought a whole family of less actives to church, and it was so cool to see them there nice and happy. They are preparing to go to the temple, and little by little they have progressed. It all starting my just giving the dad a big ole hug and showing him some real love!
We had some good progress with a guy we play soccer with. He really opened his heart, and let out alot of his feelings. One thing that Ive learned is that everything I really want is on the other side of fear. Ive also learned that God is more powerful than any large man with lots of money. His wife explained to us that he worked for the U.S. embassy for years and has very little confidence in other people. She said that we were the first people he let into his house in a long time. The Lord is powerful and gets things done.
Its so crazy how in the beginning of the mission, it was so hard to get used to the language, the food, and the way of life here. Now it is my life, its my language, and I love the food. I dont know what its gonna be like going home. I have the same bitter sweet feeling that I did 2 months before I left home, 2 years ago.
I read an amazing talk this week by President Monson called the bridge builed. If you havent read it, I highly reccomend it. (:
Today we played soccer with the zone, and it was funny because there were like 20 elders, and 4 sisters. We played to where the sisters had to make the goals. It was funny! They all sang to me and it was a good moment. Tonight we have 3 family home evenings to attend. So itll be a good birthday in all. Thanks for all the birthday wishes. I was stoked to see all the emails today (: I have the best family and friends!
This week our relief society president told us that the sisters were getting mad, because they couldnt give us food during the week because all the other sisters already reserved it. It was a nice compliment for me and my companion that everyone wants to eat with us.
The poeple here love us. They bring us food at night, and they do anything to serve us. Its so great!
I think the best part of being a missionary is having set aside time to study for 2 hours every single day. The words of the Lord are powerful. I was reading in doctrine and covenants 132 this week. 14-20 something are absolutely amazing and powerful!
The Lord has spoked a ton, and if havent read everything he has said, how can we expect that he will give us more than ponder and think of. We have thousands and thousands of pages of holy scripture of the Lord speaking. POWER.

​"Whether you think you can or you think you cant, you're right."
​Elder Jordan Alexander McGee

*we helped some members make ovens out of these barrels. (:​

Monday, April 20, 2015

Well hellllo!

Well hellllo!
These weeks are just so great, fun, and filled of happiness!
I feel like Im just really becoming a Chilean. I dont remember the differences between home and chile anymore.

I wonder if it will be hard to adjust again! haha.
We had some awesome things happen this week.
We gave the best zone training presentation Ive ever done! It was powerful, spiritual, and fun! I feel like Im definitely the best missionary Ive ever been.
It was fun passing through all the general conference talks this week.
The members here are soooo loving! Its awesome. We come by and they go buy a coke or sandwiches or whatever it may be! I hope you guys take care of the missionaries at home as well (: Especially if you see them on the side of the road, pick them up and take them where they need to go! For the amount of times that I have hitch hiked here in the mission, Im gonna owe it to the missionaries at home (:
We had a baptism in the zone this week of a lady who is 113 years old! You can never  be too old to change and follow Christ (:
I got to go on divisiones with Elder Hynes who is from Kansas City! Wooo. I didnt know that missouri has a professional soccer team at home. Totally gonna do temple sessions and go to soccer games now (: We had a good time.
On monday we had a family home evening with 3 different families. We taught the restoration of the gospel using candles! We put out the 13 candles representing Christ and his apostles. When it was pitch black dark, we explained the apostacy! It was powerful. The spirit was thick, and people were in tears. Its so gratifying to be able to bring the spirit into a home, especially while speaking a foreign language. POWER.
Today we had an awesome zone activity playing bebida pong (:
On sunday we had a powerful testimony meeting.

 attribute my success to this: I never gave or took any excuse.

​Elder McGee (:​

Monday, April 6, 2015


Here we go into another change! Im still here in Buin with my awesome Peruvian comp!
General Conference was so inspiring. I absolutely loved it. Elder Zeballos, one of the ones who spoke in spanish, is from chile and was just with us a few weeks ago! Awesome. Here in chile there is always another room in english for all the gringo missionaries and others who wanna learn. As the spanish speakers got up to speak, it was funny because we all ran into the room because its easier to understand when there arent translators!

So many awesome quotes to inspire us to live better lives. It was funny how much they were focused on the family. The talk by Sister Burton was a nice talk about being married and what not. There were a few jokes thrown around because the time is coming soon for me! haha.

​"I am here because I desire with all my heart to follow my master Jesus Christ" -Elder Utchdorf​

​"Life is not confined to a 4-inch screen" -Elder Texeira
"When was the last time I chose to be happy, instead of demanding to be right," -Sister Burton​

​"God care alot more about who we are and about who we are becoming​
​than about who we once were." -Elder Renlund​

​Its amazing to be able to look back 6 months ago and think we were just having conference. Its awesome because I dont feel like I progress much every day, but after 2 years of study in the scriptures and talks, I have made it a long way to who I was and what I did 2 years ago! Life is such a wonderful gift given from God, and its amazing that we all chose to be here!
We are still looking for an awesome family to teach. This place needs lots of help with the members, so we have been focusing on them. The mission is changing and the Lord is hastening his work here in the South America South area of the world. We are now going to stop recording how many new poeple we find each week and how many lessons we teach, rather how many people we helped make it to the temple. We are focusing alot more of the family. Its amazing. I could truly feel the power behind President Warnes words as we attended the Leaderhsip meeting this last thursday. So many things are going on, and the work is picking up speed. The work of the Lord cannot be frustrated by man. We either take part in it and see the amazing fruits of it, or we sit back relaxed and miss the amazing oppurtunities. We know so many people who dont have knowledge of the temples, let alone the gospel! Lets go to work. Sheep need to be found and feed.
Life is good, and there is lots of work to be done. (:
Elder McGee​