Tuesday, December 30, 2014

So good to see all of you guys last week!!

So good to see all of you guys last week!!
This week was absolutely beautiful! 

For Christmas we got to spend a wonderful night hanging out with some great members!
We had to run home to be home on time, and we were so stuffed!
We also got to sing with a group of missionaries in a funeral home! Wonderful experiance.
My companion and I provided breakfast for our whole zone. It was awesome to cook like 100 eggs and sausages and pancakes. It really made me thankful for all those who have cooked for the massive family dinners each week. Its a process to cook for 20 people. (:
Christmas morning, we had a lovely gift exchange and ate breakfast all together. We invited our bishop to come speak to us. He gave an excellent talk about how we dont have the right in this life to be unfocused on obtianing the celestial kingdom!
We had tons of success in the sector this week as everyone was in the wondeful Christmas spirit! We found tons of great families to start working with!
We found one family who weeped as we explained their eternal identities to them. They imediately put family prayer into practice and are very hungry for the gospel!
Yesterday we taught probably the best lesson my comp and I have taught. We had a member there. The spirit was present, and undestanding was made very easy by the spirit. The hippie couple is now ready to get rolling in the gospel.
We also got the oppurtunity to participate in a steak wide primary event of preparing for the mission. All the primary kids came dressed up as missionaries, and we got to show them what is was all like! As the other missionaries showed them how to dress, and what a normal day was like, my comp and I had the chance to do practices with all the parents (: We did small practices with them on how to teach the restoration of the gospel in 5 minutes! Amazing oppurtunity!
I cant begin to explain through a skype call of a weekly letter how much I have learned here in the mission, but I have found my self. I have learned about my eteral identity. I have learned that my greatest passion is helping others fulfil their dreams. I have learned that I only want to focus on exaltation. As my time in the mission winds down, I can only hope to increase my diligence and work harder and harder. My greatest fear is to pass one day without doing something that will help me progress to the celestial kingdom. I love the mission and wouldnt change it for anything. Jesus is the Christ. Only by him and through him do we have the chance to become perfect as the Father as commanded us to do. To recieve true happiness, all we have to do is keep the commandments, repent every day, and to share what we have. No one will receive the celestial kingdom doing the minimum.
God has already spoked alot. We need to inform ourselves on what he has said through the sciptures.
Thanks for everything,
Elder McGee

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

FELIZ NAVIDAD!! El tiempo ya se acercò!

El tiempo ya se acercò!

I cant believe how fast this year has gone by! I never thought i would be capable of becoming the person I am today! I seriously have changed so much, and I love it!

This past week we had our christmas activity as a mission. It was wonderful to play sports all day and hangout with tons of awesome other missionaries! Some of the senior missionaries here are so great! We missed a chunk of the activity because my comp and I were just conversing it up with the Ditlevsens! haha

We have 3 people who we are working with pretty tightly. Its so great to be able to share what we have with them.

Last night we went out with a member who just had no fear. He just testifies to the people and is super direct. He called someone out for having a heard heart. It was awesome.

On wednesday we we in charge of a high school graudation for special kids. It was a heart warming event that brought like 200 non members to the church building. We had tons of fun with it and made everyone laugh when we talked to all of them. Tons of success and it inspired us to start doing some projects! So we went to the city about showing movies in the parks throughout summer. They aproved it and we are gonna start in january. We are super stoked!

We had tons of fun this week and met tons of great people! I have discovered that one of my passions is to help other fulfil their dreams. We are just rolling as missionaries!

Have a super awesome Christmas(:
Elder McGee

Monday, December 15, 2014

Hey! familia!

Hey! familia!
Im so stoked for this Christmas, as it will be the last one here in chile! Theres something eccentric about spending christmas with people you barely even know. Its so amazing how this church works out. As members we all treat each other with such high respect. You can ask any other member for anything you need, and or become friends with them so quiclky by just finding out they are members. You can even decide alot of times what people are members! Its incredible here in the mission, because we as missionaries work on the power of discernment alot, and so many times, we are able to just boldly ask someone if they are a member already knowing that they are. Many times it has resulted in tears, as the inactive person wants to come closer to Christ. I love it.
I went on divisiones with an Elder Marshall this past week, he is super awesome and reminds me alot of myself whenever I was just starting in this long journey. We went to his sector in Constitution, along the beach. It was a beautiful city set among the mountains overlooking the powerful ocean. We strolled through mountainess paths arriving to find wonderful people hidden among their houses. It was beautiful! I loved it.

Yesterday our neighbor passed away. As we were leaving to our sector the grandson asked if we could help bring his granpa iin. We thought we were just gonna help a young boy bring is granpa in on his wheelchair or something. Little did we know, we brought in a casket and set it in his house. It was a great oppurtunity to bring peace to the grandchildren who seemed to be slightly shaken up, by sharing our testimony of the plan of salvation. Wonderful. I loved it.
We tried something unique this week. We took our communcation powers to the limits when we decided to try and contact the peolple without words. It worked 100 percent of the time. We contacted a man outside of his house on thursday night and without saying words, he was thrown off a little bit and welcomed us into his house. He fed us dinner, we washed all of his dishes, and then we preceded to teach about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Faith, repentance, baptism, and enduring to the end. They were forced to learn how to pray, and gave beautiful prayers. Keep in mind, that we did not speak a word. Only hand motion, pictures, and scriptures. By the end, they were convinced that they needed to come to church and come closer to Christ by being baptized. Amazing experiance. We were so happy, we ran home that night. We preceded to try it again the next morning teach an investigador. We had a man to man talk about some certain topics. He was humbled and chose that he wanted to follow Christ more and obey his commandments. We didnt speak a word. Only asking and answering questions through scriptures. When people try to give excuses, we simply put our fingers over our mouths and told them not to worry or give excuses. We then proceded to do it to another man later that day. He was a contact. We had a melon with us and without words asked him if we could enter his house and eat it together. We ate melon with him and his wife as they taught themselves humbly how to pray, that baptism is vital, and that keeping Gods commandmants is something we owe to him. They were humbled and decided they wanted to come to church this next sunday. Its incredible how the power of communication and sharing the Gospel does not require the use of words. Only actions and scriptures.
"Good is the enemy of the best."
Why be a good person, or a good baseball player, or a good priesthod holder, when you could be the best. We settle often for being good. Make the necesary changes to be the best of what you are.

Love, Elder McGee

Tuesday, December 9, 2014


Time just keeps winding down! Its incredible!

It breaks my heart to see these poor lamanite nation people who are so lost in the traditions of their fathers. I feel into a deep sadness as I took the sacrament this week, just wishing more poeple could undrstand this message and how it can truly help them. Many people have knowledge of Christ, but few people know Him. It breaks my heart to offer such innocent help to anyone who will listen, and so many people just give us rude snares. It all just comes back to ignorance and misunderstanding. We have found that chileans are very touchy and loving after casting out all misunderstanding by giving them a big ole hug. Its awesome, many become humbled and let us in their house after showing them the immense love we have for them, and that we are, according to 2 Nefi 2: "And I have none other object save it be the everlasting welfare of your souls."
We have no other intention apart for being worried about the enternal welfare and salvation of these people!
We taught the zone training class this past week, and we threw bread at everyone and then read Numbers 14:9
We had the montly leadership training with president this past week as well as we had changes, luckily my companion and I stayed together! We are having such a blast!
We have an elder in our zone from Korea! It was awesome(:
I have truly found a passion in finding peoples ideas and dreams and making them bigger! We did a contact with a guy who wanted to open up a mechanic shop this past week, we had a good talk about dreaming and fulfilling with our potencial. We inspired him with Jacob 2:17-19 to go big and open up 20 shops in chile (:
I love the mission, and am a changed man.
Elder McGee

Monday, December 1, 2014


this week was AWESOME.
I guess every week is... but I just take every day for granted cause Im on the countdown... Its sad.
We sent home our 3rd companion this week, Elder Welker. It was hard seeing him go! We had tons of fun together! We all learned so much this last change.

So this past week we taught a couple married in the temple who dont come to church. They are young, and we taught them the doctrine of why we come to church and the importance of the sacrament. Which was AWESOME. The sisters little brother who is a convert of a little more than 2 months got the priesthood this past week and gave her his first blessing after our lesson. The spirit was so thick you could grab it! We taught them the story of 3 nephi 11 whenever Christ came to the americas. The multitud fell to the ground twice. The second time they cried hosanna because they had all had a personal experiance with Christ and realized he was their savior. Its a really deep topic to study if you wanna study the importance of the Sacrament. Anyways, the people realized he was their savior by having an experiance with him. We do that each week in the sacrament. It should shock us! It should be the most important part of our week! (:
Anyways, that couple didnt come to church this week. So we went back yesterday and started with an opening prayer and sat in silence for 20 minutes. We said a closing prayer and asked they they might feel the spirit confirming to them that they know what they need to do and get our of bed on sundays and GO. We left. It was probably the coolest lesson Ive ever taught. A lesson of straight silence. Elder Uchtdorf used a quote once that said we should preach the gospel at all times, and when necisarry, use words. We did that this week!
I went on diviones with Elder West from Arizona this past week and we called these to less active priesthood holders to repentance. The spirit was very strong, and it told them what they needed to do.
Ive been studying what fear is alot, and I have been looking for the moments whenever I fear men. I write them down and I dont fear again. I have really increased in working with the repentance process and helping others do it as I have taken out from my heart the fear of men.

"1 Juan 4:18 There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear: because fear hath torment. He that feareth is not made perfect in love.

​I have found a love for my fellow chilean brother and I fear them not.

We brought a future missionary and his friend to our zone training class. They were impressed and his friend wants to get baptized. He doesnt live it our sector but we are excited to see him progress.

One person told us this week: "Los misioneros hablan extraño, pero bonito" The missionaries talk weird, but pretty. (Talking about our accents) It made us laugh!

We teach this couple who do amazing artwork in their house and sell it! We taught them the plan of salvation and the next time we came in there was a huge painting on the wall called "La molidora telestial" The Telestial Grinder. It was a dark picture with crazy deisgns going everywhere. It was his interpretation of the telestial kingdom. We all had a good laugh about it!

​I love the mission and I never want it to end! Missionary4life!

Elder McGee​