Tuesday, December 30, 2014

So good to see all of you guys last week!!

So good to see all of you guys last week!!
This week was absolutely beautiful! 

For Christmas we got to spend a wonderful night hanging out with some great members!
We had to run home to be home on time, and we were so stuffed!
We also got to sing with a group of missionaries in a funeral home! Wonderful experiance.
My companion and I provided breakfast for our whole zone. It was awesome to cook like 100 eggs and sausages and pancakes. It really made me thankful for all those who have cooked for the massive family dinners each week. Its a process to cook for 20 people. (:
Christmas morning, we had a lovely gift exchange and ate breakfast all together. We invited our bishop to come speak to us. He gave an excellent talk about how we dont have the right in this life to be unfocused on obtianing the celestial kingdom!
We had tons of success in the sector this week as everyone was in the wondeful Christmas spirit! We found tons of great families to start working with!
We found one family who weeped as we explained their eternal identities to them. They imediately put family prayer into practice and are very hungry for the gospel!
Yesterday we taught probably the best lesson my comp and I have taught. We had a member there. The spirit was present, and undestanding was made very easy by the spirit. The hippie couple is now ready to get rolling in the gospel.
We also got the oppurtunity to participate in a steak wide primary event of preparing for the mission. All the primary kids came dressed up as missionaries, and we got to show them what is was all like! As the other missionaries showed them how to dress, and what a normal day was like, my comp and I had the chance to do practices with all the parents (: We did small practices with them on how to teach the restoration of the gospel in 5 minutes! Amazing oppurtunity!
I cant begin to explain through a skype call of a weekly letter how much I have learned here in the mission, but I have found my self. I have learned about my eteral identity. I have learned that my greatest passion is helping others fulfil their dreams. I have learned that I only want to focus on exaltation. As my time in the mission winds down, I can only hope to increase my diligence and work harder and harder. My greatest fear is to pass one day without doing something that will help me progress to the celestial kingdom. I love the mission and wouldnt change it for anything. Jesus is the Christ. Only by him and through him do we have the chance to become perfect as the Father as commanded us to do. To recieve true happiness, all we have to do is keep the commandments, repent every day, and to share what we have. No one will receive the celestial kingdom doing the minimum.
God has already spoked alot. We need to inform ourselves on what he has said through the sciptures.
Thanks for everything,
Elder McGee

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