Wednesday, December 24, 2014

FELIZ NAVIDAD!! El tiempo ya se acercò!

El tiempo ya se acercò!

I cant believe how fast this year has gone by! I never thought i would be capable of becoming the person I am today! I seriously have changed so much, and I love it!

This past week we had our christmas activity as a mission. It was wonderful to play sports all day and hangout with tons of awesome other missionaries! Some of the senior missionaries here are so great! We missed a chunk of the activity because my comp and I were just conversing it up with the Ditlevsens! haha

We have 3 people who we are working with pretty tightly. Its so great to be able to share what we have with them.

Last night we went out with a member who just had no fear. He just testifies to the people and is super direct. He called someone out for having a heard heart. It was awesome.

On wednesday we we in charge of a high school graudation for special kids. It was a heart warming event that brought like 200 non members to the church building. We had tons of fun with it and made everyone laugh when we talked to all of them. Tons of success and it inspired us to start doing some projects! So we went to the city about showing movies in the parks throughout summer. They aproved it and we are gonna start in january. We are super stoked!

We had tons of fun this week and met tons of great people! I have discovered that one of my passions is to help other fulfil their dreams. We are just rolling as missionaries!

Have a super awesome Christmas(:
Elder McGee

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