Monday, December 15, 2014

Hey! familia!

Hey! familia!
Im so stoked for this Christmas, as it will be the last one here in chile! Theres something eccentric about spending christmas with people you barely even know. Its so amazing how this church works out. As members we all treat each other with such high respect. You can ask any other member for anything you need, and or become friends with them so quiclky by just finding out they are members. You can even decide alot of times what people are members! Its incredible here in the mission, because we as missionaries work on the power of discernment alot, and so many times, we are able to just boldly ask someone if they are a member already knowing that they are. Many times it has resulted in tears, as the inactive person wants to come closer to Christ. I love it.
I went on divisiones with an Elder Marshall this past week, he is super awesome and reminds me alot of myself whenever I was just starting in this long journey. We went to his sector in Constitution, along the beach. It was a beautiful city set among the mountains overlooking the powerful ocean. We strolled through mountainess paths arriving to find wonderful people hidden among their houses. It was beautiful! I loved it.

Yesterday our neighbor passed away. As we were leaving to our sector the grandson asked if we could help bring his granpa iin. We thought we were just gonna help a young boy bring is granpa in on his wheelchair or something. Little did we know, we brought in a casket and set it in his house. It was a great oppurtunity to bring peace to the grandchildren who seemed to be slightly shaken up, by sharing our testimony of the plan of salvation. Wonderful. I loved it.
We tried something unique this week. We took our communcation powers to the limits when we decided to try and contact the peolple without words. It worked 100 percent of the time. We contacted a man outside of his house on thursday night and without saying words, he was thrown off a little bit and welcomed us into his house. He fed us dinner, we washed all of his dishes, and then we preceded to teach about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Faith, repentance, baptism, and enduring to the end. They were forced to learn how to pray, and gave beautiful prayers. Keep in mind, that we did not speak a word. Only hand motion, pictures, and scriptures. By the end, they were convinced that they needed to come to church and come closer to Christ by being baptized. Amazing experiance. We were so happy, we ran home that night. We preceded to try it again the next morning teach an investigador. We had a man to man talk about some certain topics. He was humbled and chose that he wanted to follow Christ more and obey his commandments. We didnt speak a word. Only asking and answering questions through scriptures. When people try to give excuses, we simply put our fingers over our mouths and told them not to worry or give excuses. We then proceded to do it to another man later that day. He was a contact. We had a melon with us and without words asked him if we could enter his house and eat it together. We ate melon with him and his wife as they taught themselves humbly how to pray, that baptism is vital, and that keeping Gods commandmants is something we owe to him. They were humbled and decided they wanted to come to church this next sunday. Its incredible how the power of communication and sharing the Gospel does not require the use of words. Only actions and scriptures.
"Good is the enemy of the best."
Why be a good person, or a good baseball player, or a good priesthod holder, when you could be the best. We settle often for being good. Make the necesary changes to be the best of what you are.

Love, Elder McGee

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