Tuesday, December 9, 2014


Time just keeps winding down! Its incredible!

It breaks my heart to see these poor lamanite nation people who are so lost in the traditions of their fathers. I feel into a deep sadness as I took the sacrament this week, just wishing more poeple could undrstand this message and how it can truly help them. Many people have knowledge of Christ, but few people know Him. It breaks my heart to offer such innocent help to anyone who will listen, and so many people just give us rude snares. It all just comes back to ignorance and misunderstanding. We have found that chileans are very touchy and loving after casting out all misunderstanding by giving them a big ole hug. Its awesome, many become humbled and let us in their house after showing them the immense love we have for them, and that we are, according to 2 Nefi 2: "And I have none other object save it be the everlasting welfare of your souls."
We have no other intention apart for being worried about the enternal welfare and salvation of these people!
We taught the zone training class this past week, and we threw bread at everyone and then read Numbers 14:9
We had the montly leadership training with president this past week as well as we had changes, luckily my companion and I stayed together! We are having such a blast!
We have an elder in our zone from Korea! It was awesome(:
I have truly found a passion in finding peoples ideas and dreams and making them bigger! We did a contact with a guy who wanted to open up a mechanic shop this past week, we had a good talk about dreaming and fulfilling with our potencial. We inspired him with Jacob 2:17-19 to go big and open up 20 shops in chile (:
I love the mission, and am a changed man.
Elder McGee

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