Monday, December 1, 2014


this week was AWESOME.
I guess every week is... but I just take every day for granted cause Im on the countdown... Its sad.
We sent home our 3rd companion this week, Elder Welker. It was hard seeing him go! We had tons of fun together! We all learned so much this last change.

So this past week we taught a couple married in the temple who dont come to church. They are young, and we taught them the doctrine of why we come to church and the importance of the sacrament. Which was AWESOME. The sisters little brother who is a convert of a little more than 2 months got the priesthood this past week and gave her his first blessing after our lesson. The spirit was so thick you could grab it! We taught them the story of 3 nephi 11 whenever Christ came to the americas. The multitud fell to the ground twice. The second time they cried hosanna because they had all had a personal experiance with Christ and realized he was their savior. Its a really deep topic to study if you wanna study the importance of the Sacrament. Anyways, the people realized he was their savior by having an experiance with him. We do that each week in the sacrament. It should shock us! It should be the most important part of our week! (:
Anyways, that couple didnt come to church this week. So we went back yesterday and started with an opening prayer and sat in silence for 20 minutes. We said a closing prayer and asked they they might feel the spirit confirming to them that they know what they need to do and get our of bed on sundays and GO. We left. It was probably the coolest lesson Ive ever taught. A lesson of straight silence. Elder Uchtdorf used a quote once that said we should preach the gospel at all times, and when necisarry, use words. We did that this week!
I went on diviones with Elder West from Arizona this past week and we called these to less active priesthood holders to repentance. The spirit was very strong, and it told them what they needed to do.
Ive been studying what fear is alot, and I have been looking for the moments whenever I fear men. I write them down and I dont fear again. I have really increased in working with the repentance process and helping others do it as I have taken out from my heart the fear of men.

"1 Juan 4:18 There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear: because fear hath torment. He that feareth is not made perfect in love.

​I have found a love for my fellow chilean brother and I fear them not.

We brought a future missionary and his friend to our zone training class. They were impressed and his friend wants to get baptized. He doesnt live it our sector but we are excited to see him progress.

One person told us this week: "Los misioneros hablan extraño, pero bonito" The missionaries talk weird, but pretty. (Talking about our accents) It made us laugh!

We teach this couple who do amazing artwork in their house and sell it! We taught them the plan of salvation and the next time we came in there was a huge painting on the wall called "La molidora telestial" The Telestial Grinder. It was a dark picture with crazy deisgns going everywhere. It was his interpretation of the telestial kingdom. We all had a good laugh about it!

​I love the mission and I never want it to end! Missionary4life!

Elder McGee​

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