Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Happy New year!

Happy New year!
2015. Its here.
Im so excited to use the traditional goal making time of the year to reevaulate who I am and what I am doing!
I want to get all the way through doctrine and conventants in these next 6 months. Bythe way doctrine and covenants 20 is an amazing section all the way through. It explains really all the necesary things to know about the gospel and what we must do here in our lives! (:
New years was pretty chill this year. We went to sleep peacefully and just heard tons of people partying and singing all night. Nothing to really write home about. (:
We had a pretty sucessful week. Its amazing how quickly we forget the tender mercies of the Lord just as the children of Israel. We have had just tons of sucess these past couple of months, and we finally made it to a little brick in the wall where we didnt feel like we were having much success one afternoon. We were going around a little bit low on animo, and we decided to say a prayer. Of course, the Lord is powerful in his work and quickly guided us a to a family of 4. We were quick to give thanks to him.
We had tons of fun this week, but I didnt bring my papers of what all we did, so I kinda forgot everything that went down. I promise it was an awesome week, just like every week here is in Chile!
I love you all (:

oh I buzzed my hair, and this is a typical chilean dish called porotos (:

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