Saturday, April 19, 2014

Crazy couple of days this week!

I forgot to wish you all a happy easter!
Watch this awesome video (:

Crazy couple of days this week! Sunday night we had a Hermana in the hospital because she passed out, then Monday we had an injury and another Hermana passed out and went to the hospital. We also had a robbery and someone enter into one of the houses! Haha Crazy South American stuff! Now don’t get me wrong, Chile is super safe, but like anywhere things can happen! Elder Harding and I have been working on a song together and we will be sending home a video muy pronto! So I hope you all enjoy soon (;
We had more conferences this week with some of the zones sown south. We haleped with the food, and was fun one day because President left us the keys to his house to go get the food early in the morning. We joked about telling him we spent the night and had a party (:
We got a large map printed off of the mission this week!
We pulled another million pesos out of the bank as pictured below.. (:
We went up to santiago one day as well which was a blast because we went by bus and metro. So we took a big bus up there and then went underground and traveled to all the different places to get our tasks done. Its ridicoulous how many people are going to different places up there in Santiago. We got one one metro that was so full it looked like those crazy japanese youtube videos where they just try to shove you on there before the doors close! We got one one bus that had a life band playing, and we also witnessed a drumline strike in the downtown central area. We got back to Rancagua, and got to do a service project with a member cleaning out a big pool.
And then for all your enjoyement, I had another mini vacation today. I actually do work during the week so you all know. But today we woke up at 530 to get onto the road and traveled to a little place called Pichilemu. It is one of the surf capitals of the world! They host huge surf competions there every year. We saw some huge waves! Some of the biggest ones Ive seen. This little town is so cool! Its just a little surf shack town where people are literally beach bums. Apparently Jack Johnson has a house down there and I got a picture with it! We went to the punto de los lobos. The point of the wolves. Its super famous here in Chile. It was super cold there, but there were some odd 50 surfers out there. It was way cool! Such a beautiful place, and it was amazing just to sit up on a huge cliff over looking the ocean and thanking God for this wonderful place to live. Its so great to sit back and Thank God for our breath each day, and the ability to walk or see! Never take things for Granted (:
So heres some pictures. Enjoy.

Love, Elder McGee

p.s. I turn 19 tomorrow which is why there is a big 19 in the sand!

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