Monday, April 14, 2014

Flu-Shots, Caribineros, and Conferencias!

Flu-Shots, Caribineros, and Conferencias!

Let’s just say that every week here in Chile is just a little more delightful than the one preceding. This week was another amazing week nestled amidst the Andy’s and the Pacific Ocean here in Rancagua. We had the opportunity to be attentive to the discourses from the sensational authorities of the Church on Sunday. If you want to hear some inspirational talks, I advise that you head over to and click on General conference. J On Monday we set out on a journey to complete some tasks and travel to the grand city of Santiago, where one can find what is termed as the “Extranjeria” or Foreign Affairs. Whilst perambulating and in like manner, we happened to discover the Tallest architecture in South America. In the return home, we encountered tribulation and we had been “Pointed over” by a Caribinero (The Police). Now, let me explain. Here in Chile, they do not “pull you over,” they simply give you a stern point from the side of the highway. So I indeed veered off onto the shoulder of the highway (Ruta 5). We anxiously awaited for theCarbinero to come scold us for driving above the speed limit, but nothing happened for ten minutes. We finally determined to exit theauto (Car). As we approached the young Carabinero, he acted as if nothing had occurred. We made a small conversation with him, to find out we had exceeded the limit by thirty kilometers per hour. Oops.. He noticed our grins, and I’m sure our missionary spirits, and simply told us to be more careful. Whew! Close call. We also had the opportunity to stumble upon BAGELS and CREAM CHEESE. It was amazing. After 9 months without such a delightful treat. Likewise, we have been having Conferencias de Zona and our enfermera(Nurse) has given flu shots to every missionary here. The conferences are really fun because you get to meet and greet every missionary. It’s been a blast. 

Even this morning we spent the majority of our preperation day in a conference. But its fine, we enjoyed the rest of the day and arrived here in the office to write you all! This morning we went over the whats called the "Feria" which is like a farmers market. I think i have told you all about that. Anyways, we bought a ton of platanos (Bananas) and frutillas and palta! (Strawberries and avocadoes) It was a rathe rrelaxing week in the office just doing work. Last night we actually got to o out to the sector and teach an awesome lesson. You truly can sanctify yourself through missionary work. Its wonderful to feel the spirit like that.
S/O to my homeboy DallyBoySwagMcGee for getting his mish call! Im so excited to share some south american pride with him. and its gonna be tight to speak in spanish (: I actually have a good friend there in Columbia. He is from a family I met here in Chile. Im super animated for Dallas!
P.s. I will finally be old enough to serve a mission next week (: haha
Other than that, not much other stuff happened!
We are starting week 4 here and I will probably be training a new secretary this next change!
Miss you all and thank you for the support each and every day!
Elder McGee

enjoy some pictures...
Especially my boss america hoody that I bought for 2 dollars!

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