Saturday, April 5, 2014

This week Chile was hit by 2 huge earthquakes

This week Chile was hit by 2 huge earthquakes up in the north. We are all good down here because Chile is longer than the tip of mexico to the top of canada. We are like 1100 miles away from where the epicenter was. But last night we did have a pretty strong temblor. (Temblor means like a small earthquake) Henceforth why this email is entitled "Tembloritos" Cause everything here has "itos" on it. Basically means like small. Hey Perrito (little dog), I want some tortito (Little Cake). But its weird cause it doesnt mean little on really anything. Its just how they talk here!

Anyways, we spent alot of time here in the office recouperating from week one in office work!
Some of the highlights:
-Made Strawberry Daquiris… TWICE
-2 Earthquakes in northern Chile
-Copied and sorted 250 passports
-Had a little training meeting with some guys from Santiago. (Which was really cool and helped us with alot of things)
-I Redesigned the Mission Logo
-Winter Happened this week.
-Found canned chicken breast in a gringo store (Still looking for mountain dew in chile) (They do have rootbeer)

For all you who might not know what General Conference is... Its basically a huge meeting with our Leaders of the church and they teach us awesome principles about Christs life and how we can become better people. Millions of people are tuned into the live broadcast that shows in Churchs all around the world. There are 2 more sessionstomorrow if you would like to hear from one of God´s living prophets on the earth today. (:

Last week I was still sweating and wearing short sleeve shirts, and this week I had to get a jacket, and I got some new gloves! Lots of continued office work. We get new projects it seems like every day! When the guys came down from Santiago it was pretty much like an audit. They wanted to see our system and how we work. They were surprised to know that everything was going great. We just had to change a couple little things and we were good! Other missions have a lot of work ahead of them. Haha. Im half way through a book called Milagro de perdón. "The miracle of forgiveness!" Its so wonderful. I have learned so much through Christ´s example and his Grace for us. Its way hard to truly comprehend, but when you learn more and more about his atonement for us. It BLOWS your mind.
I hope you all had a wonderful week this past week.
You all are the best support.
Elder McJazzy 

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