Saturday, March 29, 2014

Hola mis queridos amors (;

Hola mis queridos amors (;

La semana loca ya paso, asi que estoy super relajado ahorrita!

The crazy week has passed so I am now relaxed. (:

Anyways! Whats UP! My fellow americans. I miss the stars and stripes. Dont ever forgot how amazing our country is!

So where do I start off for this week. LEts see.. Sunday we were enjoyig a nice meeting in church and a dog just ran in. It was really funny, so we chased it out and everyone was laughing. We had 2 investigators and a less active in church this week. HOW cool! Thats crazy cause we never have time in the sector.

Monday night all the gringos flew home, and we spent a couple hours waiting in the airport for different people to leave on their flights home. A little trunky(trunky means like thinking of home) so we didnt get back to Rancagua until like 12. We had all the latins suitcases in the cars, and they were all leaving in 3 different trips in the morning so we had to take all their suitcases to them in their different places where they were staying the night. So we finally got to sleep around 1:30. Then we had our shift to drive up to santiago at 4:30 so we woke up at 4. So we got a couple hours of sleep. Then on our way back we picked up all the news in the Training Center here in Chile. 7 Hermanas and 5 Elders. That was way fun. So we mad eit back to rancagua around 830ish and has a conference for all of them. We then had varias tasks to do so we didnt get back home until about 11ish to get some sleep. Very long day. Its cool though because I just see all the small mircales in situations like this. Like I dont know how I had enough energy to keep going and driving and doing tasks. We also needed to buy some propane for the lunch and we were in a huge hurry and had no idea where a propane place would be close to presidents house. So we contuniued doing other errands, and lo and behold a propane gas truck stopped right in front of us and sold us some propane. It was amazing because there are like 3 gas companies here, and we had one called lipigas in the trunk. An empty one. And what do we know, a lipigas truck stiops and sells us gas on our way back to presidents house. How crazy.
I barely have enough time to write in my journal too!
Wednesday we went up to Santiago.
Thursday and Friday were office days. I bought some chalas (slippers) for the office. SICK.
Today we had a conference for all the northern zone leaders and ate papa johns for lucnh. EVEN SICKER. Now Im just hanging out talking to you all.
I also redesigned the mission logo this past week (:
Last thing is that I am in charge of taking out the checks from the bank because we got a new finance guy here, and he is waiting on his visa in chile. So this week I took out 1 Million pesos in cash. I felt like a rich missionary. (;

Say your prayers, thank God for everything he has given you becuase without Him, you would have NOTHING.

I miss and love you all. Que tengan una semana bacanisimo!
Elder SwagToTheMax McGee

-Dads birthday present for me
-Elder chagoyan from mexico and elder dixon ffrom utah, both good buddies who went home now.
-Saturday night papa johns!
-A Million pesos (2000 dollars)

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