Monday, January 27, 2014

Whats up YALL. miss all the good ole english slang (:

I miss all the good ole english slang (: 
Its weird to think about speaking in english now, even when I speak in english with another gringo we talk in the spanish form, like we use spanish vocabulary and say things that dont make any since in english, but it makes since to us (:
This week was super cool! As they usually are!
One of our companions had to go to the hospital this passed week because he got sick, so we had to stay in the house one day. Another day we helped out with a church activity the whole day, so we really didnt have much time to work this week. But we still managed to find 9 more people to teach which was more than last week. Which is amazing because last week we had a full hard working week. Its interesting sometimes when you have less, you manage to work just as hard or harder becuase you think wiser. Its kinda the same principle as tithing.

One day this week we were helping a member set up his swimming pool. Everyone here has the plastic setup pools in their little side yards. But anyways, this show was on about all the awesome places you can travel in Chile. It was really amazing, and it was even more amazing that they were using music from my favorite band: Angels And Airwaves. It was just a nice relaxing gift (: Sometimes you just gotta be thankful for the small things in life. Another small but awesome thing that happened this passed week was that some of our investigators bought some really nice picture frames for some pictures of Jesus that we gave them, and they put them all up in their house. Its cool to see someone put Jesus Christ as the center of their home. So I encourage you all to put up a picture of Jesus in your house if you dont already have one. We should always remember what he did for us. He died for our sins so that we can live with our Heavenly Father again. That is something we can never repay, and somehting that we should never forget. ´

I learned how to make sopapillas this week from a member who is just like my Grandma McGee. It was awesome.

We had some really inspiraing and spiritual lessons this week. One of them ending with tears in everyones eyes. Those are always the best. BEcuase that means they felt it and we had the spirit with us teaching. There are a ton of other things but I need to do a better job of writing them down (:
Sometimes I dont even have time to write in my Journal because my companions are both so cool, and we talk about life and drink matte (:

Have a good week. Do somehting that makes someone else happy. 

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