Monday, February 3, 2014

Hey family and friends!

Hey family and friends!
I dont have much time this week, but I wil type as fast as I possibly can!
This week was great as always, and I cant believe January already went by! Only 11 more months of 2014.. Its gonna fly.

As far as events went this week, we had an activity on friday, where called karamate. Where everyone drinks matte and sings karaoke. It was really fun! Its interesting here in south america, because everyone knows alot more english than we know spanish. I think its because they listen to alot of songs in english!

We have our recent convert Aquiles whois doing awesome. We bought him a triple, which contains the book of mormon, and 2 other awesome books. thats why its called the triple, anyways, on his table he had his triple and hhiis book of mormon. (the blue one) and we had a discussion about how his reading was going, and he told us that the triple was more interesting, even though they are the same book. We all laughed, and we explained to him that they are the same story. haha.

Last night was pretty hard because I had to say goodbye to my new family. Im not gonna lie, it was pretty hard because there is a good chance I could never see them again. But I will see my family at home again. But we had a big barbeque, and enjoyed times together. I gave them my final little goodbye speach and they all cried, and it was just great and sad. I also bore my testimony yesterday, which was a little harder in spanish, but the ward building was full of people and many told me they cried with my testimony. Its hard because tese people are truly my family now, and I have to say goodbye to them because Im leaving this area today!

Im gonna miss these 2 elders Im with too. We had an awesome time together and really just enjoyed the mission to the max. Working hard, and playing hard.

Saturday, we painted the back of this families house bright green. I love all the colors people paint there houses here (:

Anyways, thats about it on my week!
I hope you all have a wonderful beautiful snowy week, Ill keep getting tan for all of you (:
Elder McGee

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