Sunday, February 9, 2014

Que pasaaaa amigos y familiares!!

Que pasaaaa amigos y familiares!!!!
La semana pasada ha sido tan buena!

My new house is amazing, we are overlooking the downtown of rancagua! Its way cool. We are on the ninth floor of some really nice apartments with a balcony and a bunch of windows. It may seem normal for all you all at home, but here in Chile this is like luxury! Its tight. We have cars to drive around, and I have my own phone. Its cool, cause not many others get to have opurtunities like this, so for that I am very thankful.
My new companion is named elder Archibald, and hes awesome. He is from Alberty Canada. (Forsyth family will be proud) We have already had a great time this week. We drove down the the most southern part of the mission named Talca. Its fun to be doing road trips, and enjoy the beautiful mountains of Chile!! We also ate a famous place called Donde Alex. They are famous for their "Completos" Which is a chilean Hotdog with extremely good bread, an inch of Palta (avocadoes) and and inch of mayonase. I dont know why but they are so greattt. (:
Lets see, Also my buddy from the MTC, Elder Loveridge was in Talca as well. It was good to see him for a little bit as we dropped off 5 boxes of book of Mormons to their zone.

Today was way fun. Everyone in the office hopped in the car and drove about 2 hours south to find a place in Chile that would be a buffet. Becuase those dont exist here. But we got there and it was closed, so we ended up driving a little farther and just ate at some hole in the wall place that served empanadas. It was cool though. It was basically like the front porch of someones house, and everyone here has grapes. Because grapes are Chiles number one export. So the little walk up to their house was like a roof of grapes hanging down. It was pretty cool!

Apart of having all these fun experiances, Im gonna learn how to drive stick so that Dallas will be proud of me because the office has a mission car with Stick. Also I started learning how to play Ukelele, and also harmonica! So thats pretty cool!

It was also fun this week helping with the Changes, because we got to help decide where people go, and who they will be with. No one in the mission even knows yet, and they wont know for a couple more hours!
Also we got a new asistent to the president this past week as well. He is actually one of my buddies that I met in the first few weeks of the mish!

So as far as the spiritual side goes, its cool to just read the scriptures on the balcony overlooking Rancagua. Its also even cooler to have 8 guys living in one house and singing awesome hymns at random times of the day. We have alot of fun, but its great becasue everyone knows it cool to be spiritual. Thats something you cant just have, Its somthing you gotta work hard for. My comp and I have a goal to baptize someone while being in the office. The last guy that did it was about a year ago. Its just diffulcult becuase we really dont have any time to go out into the Campo (field) But I had some wonderful experiances reading the bible this week, as I am reading in The Acts. What a wonderful book to explore and learn about the life of the only perfect man who ever lived on this earth! If we can all just be a little happier and work to be a better person all day. than we would enjoy life a little bit more. I kinda have gained the legacy of always being happy, and the other Elders were asking me how I do it. I told them there is never a reason to be sad. There are alot of aweful things that can happen to someone in this life, but like it says in D&C 122:7 All challenges are for our benefit. God would never give us something that we cant handle, and the only way we can overcome it is to just put that smile back on and continue on with life. Because Satans goals is to make us miserable! SO BE HAPPY! WOOOO.

I love you all and thank you for being my awesome support of family and friends. 
I sincerely thank you all for all the little things that have made a difference in my mission and life!

Elder McGee

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