Monday, January 6, 2014

Wow hey! Another week, another year!? Where did the time go! But Happy new year!!

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Wow hey! Another week, another year!? Where did the time go! But Happy new year!! (: I hope you all enjoyed this wonderful new year! 2014! What a great time to put awesome new goals! 

The new year passed pretty awesome! I thought it would be lame because we had to be in the house at 7, but it actually turned out to be the best New Years I have had! A family brought us dinner which was so great! And then the assistants called us and dropped off 2 more missionaries. So we had a mini party. There is a little thing outside of our window, and we put a blanket out there, and watched the fireworks and drank matte! It was just so tight! I don't know why(: but people here are crazy. There were just people everyone until like 6 in the morning. It was pretty fun! I invited some really good mate! We Its actually Terere, or however you spell it, but its lemonade, matte, and Ice. Wow Its so good on these HOT days here in Chile!

This week was great! We had changes, which I think I told you guys about. But my new comp is ending his mission this change too! So I've now "killed" 2 missionaries. It's great though, because I have learned so much because they have 2 FULL years of experience! It's so tight. I think this passed week was really the week that I learned the most spanish and progressed the most. I did a lot of talking this past week (: one day this week we started off really good! Studying, feeling the spirit, and doing everything right. We then went out into the street, and we had 2 of our big plans call us and cancel almost back to back. It just really got me down. I'm not sure why, but we decided to just buy some lemonades ( you can buy something called an express, which costs like 50 cents, but it's a small glass bottle and you drink it and then give them the bottle, they are sweet) anyways we sat down and offered a prayer. I said it with a ton of sincerity! We then carried out and decided the go check out this part of the sector which is super far! So we walked like 20 minutes down this rocky road where all these super rich people live. Anyways long story short, we found 6 new people to teach in one day! Only after a trial of your faith can you be blessed. I have learned that over and over and over in the mission!

This past sunday, we had an investigator come to church after 5 months of teaching her family. She always told us that she would come when she wanted too. The other night, I dont know how or where it came from ( Well.. It was the spirit) But I said some amaazing words. A little bit palo ( Literally means stick, but here it means like direct), but I was loving. Somehow it worked. She came to church after 5 months of trying!! Talk about miracles. She also excepted a baptismal date (: Wow! Working miracles baby.

I just wanna give a shoutout to Michael Bowman, and Rick McGee for having birthdays this week. I love you both (: Also another shout out to Tearnie McGee who has a birthday coming up! Wooo! Here in chile, if you have a birthday, you have to put your face in the cake, and then everyone eats it after. Its pretty funny. They sing feliz cumplianos, and then say Bite it, bite it, bite it!

Well thats about all that happened in my first week of 2014 in Chile (: You guys are such a great support!!Inline image 2Inline image 1

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