Monday, December 30, 2013

Wow what a great passed week! We did so many things!!

Wow what a great passed week! We did so many things!!
What a great time to pass the holiday season in another country!
Its so weird, all the traditions that just arent here! I mean when people think Christmas here, they think about going to the beach or the pool. All the commercials are always talking about things for the yard, and the heat. But its december! haha. Its crazy. My mind hasnt wrapped around tthe idea yet!

But we had changes today! I am now with Elder Sosa from Honduras! I really hope Im with latinos all my mission. i would learn so much more spanish! My companion right now is really funny and we have had a good day so far!
As far as the weekend went, We had a White Christmas here in Chile with a baptism!! All white baby! It was so great. We baptised a man named Aquiles, whos wive had died recently and he found peace in his heart. He has a little bit of a diffulcult time going into the water so we had to do it a couple times, but it all worked out. it was a wonderful day (:
All the members here really took care of us! We received some different gifts, and had tons of food during Christmas! It was just such a happy good time (: Also it was amazing too be able to talk to the family! Wow what a joy and privaliige it is to hear your own Mom and dads voices, and all the cousins and brothers and other family and friends after almost 6 months!! Its amazing how once we are away from something for so long, and then we partake in it again, its so amazing! You wouldve never thought that talking to your family would be so important and heart felt! So thank you guys for lifitng my spirits even more, and allowing me to talk to you all (: I also had to say goodbye to some missionaries who are going home! That was pretty hard (:
The mission is going amazing! Im having so much fun just giving my life up for the Lord! I couldnt ask for anything else right now! You guys are seriously the best support with the emails, the letters, the packages, and most importantly the prayers! I can feel them every day!
Just keep doing you best up there in the states, and dont take the gift of life for granted! At home, we are so fortunate to have the things that we have! Down here,, many people have nothing! One day this week there was a lady digging through the trash cans of our apartment for food. We had literally nothing in the apartment besides a big thing of Cookies. My companion looked at me and said we have to give these to her. I was like but Elder, they are cookies, they arent good for you and what is she going to do with them. My companion looked at me and said: Elder, when you are hungry, food is food. Wow, I dont know why but it just really hit me hard. This poor lady probably doesnt even know its christmas and probably has no family, and just wants food. So we gave it to her, and she said thanks and carried on. I just felt so great even though we gave her cookies.  im going to try to keep better track of all the things we do! We do so many things like that almost every day! The mission is just about serving others. Ill try to write down more experiances like that!
But hey have a great week!!
I will write again next week!
Love you all!
Con amor,
Elder McGee

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