Saturday, March 1, 2014

Santiago, working out, and living the goodlife!

Wow where to start!
Lets just say that this was probably the fastest week of my life with everything going on! Its amazing! Just having a blast!

We started a diet in the house with live in with 4 elders. So we are all working out and eating super healthy things like salmon and celery! Its great and I feel good! We are doing like 2 miles every morning as well! Its wonderful to take care of our bodies that God has given us and to really feel more energy and feel happier (:

On Tuesday we got a call from President early in the morning that we were to go up to santiago to pick up 2 gringos from the airport. We had no description of them whatsoever and the santiago airport has tons of people in it, Im sure you can imagine. So we saw some new misisonaries who couldnt speak a lick of spanish and we helped them change out some of their money, and then we saw some missionaries who were going home while we were waiting! So after like an hour of waiting we finally met the two guys we were to pick up. They were coming down to film Elder Archuleta and a video they are working out which is kinda like an extended mormon message! Little did I know that these guys had the future job that I would love to do! We talked for the next 2 days as we were in charge of taking them up to santiago to film and record a song. These guys have worked on alot of the bigger videos the church has made. One of them directed the Jospeh Smith movie, and the other had made almost all the mormon messages. It was so thrilling to be able to help them out filming and talk aboutt all the different things about the film career. I mean these guys are literally emplooyeed by the church and go around making mormon messages and filming alo of what the general presidency of the church do! They had been to all countries in the world except for 2! How cool of a job to work for the church traveling and making movies! I just had such a ball! As well has hanging out with Elder Archuleta who is a super cool dude! We recorded a song up in Santiago, and they filmed around a little bit, and let me play with their Canon Mark III´s (: It was like a dream come true to kinda see what I could do in the future if I keep Gods commandments and do what I need to do like serve the mission!

 We were in Santiago and we had the misison van which actually doesnt have a back window. So we parked in kinda in front of the temple and left for about 20 minutes. We had come back to see that everything in the car was kinda scattered around outside, and there were about 15 cops coming from everyone on their dirtbikes and in their cars. We had been robbed in the 20 minutes that we left the car! They tackled the robber right in front of us and cuffed the dude. He had gone through the whole car and took the radio, my back with everything in it like scriptures and pen drives, and the film guys suitcases which fortunatly didnt have their expensive cameras! But it was juyst crazy, so we had to go to the police stattion and file a report. The police here are called Carribineros! They wear green uniforms. But it was all just so crazy! I couldnt believe it. But we got everything back and he didnt make it away with anything! So thanks to God and his blessings, I got all my stuff back! It was just crazy.

We also got to go down to the most southern part of the mission this week with president to a place called Talca. It was cool because we did a signing of a covenenant with a hospital down there. It was really formal. They took pictures and everything, Then I got to go see my buddie Elder Loveridge which is always great to see the guys I came out with. We checked out a cool mountain overlooking the city of Talca.
Today we tried something I had never tried before called Donut Burgers. We made burgers and bought dunkin donuts and bacon and made a sandwich out of it. It doesnt seem like it would be the best, but i would highly reccomend it! It was truly ricisimo! ( Delicious)

So that was my crazy fast week in a jffy!
I hope you all had a wonderful week like I did (:
Love Elder McGee

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