Saturday, March 8, 2014

Well hey hey hey!

Another week come and gone! Sometimes I think about time for a second, and it’s so slow, and then I think about it again and another 2 weeks has gone by.
This week we had a few mentionable experiences! We got another rental car because the one that we had went into the shop, so we got this little white racer car, and its stick, and it’s pretty fast. So we had a lot of fun with that!
One night we took an Elder up to the airport at about 12, and didn’t get home till 3ish or so. It was way fun cause we went up with the Assistants as well. So those nights are always fun! It’s interesting here because the speed limits say 100-120 kilometers an hour, so it different like that!
Another day we did some service for a lady in the ward who had an almond tree. It was super cool to climb up into it and just shake the whole tree as hard as you can. It was actually pretty tiring. But it was so cool because thousands of almonds just fell out of the tree onto the concrete below. It sounded like hail. But we swept them all up and then put them in bags. There were SO MANY!
On Monday we went up to Santiago and did some visa work and other stuff for the mission and then we stopped by this really cool little South American mall place. They had like everything you can imagine. Cool backpacks, cool Latin shoes. It was basically like a huge Mexican souvenirs place, but Chile style. I bought some cool stuff and talked a lot of people down. It was cool to see what my Spanish could get me (:
Another day we marinated some chicken in pineapple juice all morning and then cooked it up. It was amazing (:

As far as the missionary work goes, we have been able to get out and teach a few lessons here, which have been GREAT. But most of our work is just finding people in the government buildings or hospitals and then passing their information to other Elders! It’s great to find spiritual experiences around anywhere. I think one of my favorite parts about each day is just to go out onto the balcony and pray for as long as my heart desires. I just listen and overlook the beautiful downtown form 9 stories up, and enjoy the fresh air with a hood on and just meditate. I have really been just rebuilding myself as a person. So that’s my challenge to you all this week. Find 10-15, maybe even 30 minutes. Put your phone in another room, put on some comfy clothes, and just find a nice spot preferably outside and just enjoy what God has given us. Enjoy the wind, the nature, and just pray and find out who you really are. Find out what you want to do and what you should do next to get there. “If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.” The only way we can build that door is if we ask for a little more help from God.

Today, can I just say was absolutely amazing! We went down to a little place called Constitution. It probably one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen in my life. This place was just amazing! Ill just try to send some pictures so you get the idea! We woke up at 5 this morning to drive the 4 hour drive down south. We have a little rental car for right now, and this little thing is awesome! I drove us down. We all just had a blast and everyone said it was the best pday in their whole missions. One of them who is going home said that as well! And he’s had 2 years of Pdays!

If you want to be blown out of your mind, read this talk: it absolutely changed my mind and made me a different person. I highly recommend it. It talks about how Christ’s sacrifices are already made. We will never pay him back. The only thing we can do is live right, follow the commandments, and be obedient to his words. If we are falling into sin and falling into things of the world, we are not showing Christ our love. I think often times we say we are Christians, and we believe in Christ, but this talk really showed me that we do not love Christ if we are not doing the things that he wants. We should not be messing around with sin at all. Just read the talk. (:

“Our most significant opportunities will be found in times of greatest difficulty,” –Thomas S. Monson

For real, you guys are great. I love you all.

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