Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Day 1(:

I am currently in the dfw airport and managed to find a computer station. (: The work is already progressing and i have only been out a couple hours!! I already ran into one elder who was on his way back from his mission! I also bumped into a group of like 15 elders all waiting for their plane! They are all serving in south Chile. I'm so proud and honored to serve at this time in Church history. Things are already begginning to change. I mean this airport is huge, and I ran into like 16 misisonarioes already??? Crazy! I love all of you back at home! Saying goodbye wasnt easy, but like my dad and stake president both said, it would be harder to see me not go! Keep Springfield awesome (:
(this keyboard is like a piece of metal, sorry for my spelling)

Elder McGee

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