Wednesday, July 10, 2013

5 Days Left!

Hey hey hey!

I made some shirts for all my family to wear while I am gone! They should be done this weekend. Here are the proofs:

Today was yet another wonderful day full of happiness, tears, and goodbyes! I started the morning off with my little brother waking me up which is unusual, because usually I wake him up! Logan just cracks me up though. He clapped twice (which turns on our lamp) and just stared at me until I woke up. After I woke up and made eye contact, he just simply and happily said good morning. It's just all the little things I am going to miss the most!

I finally got up, and realized I had plans to visit with last years student council cabinet! I rushed up to schlotzsky's for a sandwich (I even got a free cookie for knowing the worlds largest desert). After a nice reunion everyone left and our advisory teacher, Mrs. Brusherd or now Mrs. Corbett, gave me a long hug and said goodbye. It was another goodbye that kinda of hit me because of how close we got this year!

After spending long hours on backing up my computer, downloading missionary appropriate music, and getting my dad all set up with his mac, ipad, and iphone through iCloud, I started thinking about how much I will miss all my technology! It's been so great to be able to just google something when I need to know something, or edit some fun pictures of what I did that day!

Kylie, my beautiful girlfriend came over later in the day. We worked on printing her senior pictures today! I must say they turned out pretty great! Here is my favorite:

Here we are being crazy (:

We both went out to eat with my beautiful mother. We had some great deep talks and I could tell the spirit was very strong. My mom is such a wonderful woman! We ate at houlihans! I had a wonderful burger (:

Well to end this beautiful day, I only have 5 left so I am making them the best possible. I can't believe how just preparing for the mission is already changing my life for the better! I just feel so happy and want to tell everyone about Christ's love!

Elder McGee signing off!

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