Tuesday, July 9, 2013

What a Great Day!

Today was absolutely amazing! I woke up and made bacon pancakes, avocado eggs, and sausage for the whole family! I gotta make sure they like me when I'm gone, you know? (;
Dallas, Danny, Sterling, Michael, Logan, Benny and I stayed up almost all night playing Nintendo 64 and drinking Mountain Dew! It was so great getting to spend another great night with all the dudes.
Anyways, I became a real man today! I went through the temple and took covenants with my Heavenly Father that will allow me to always put him first in my thoughts and become close to Him. Through Christ all things are possible! It was a very emotional day for my Dad because he doesn't want me to grow up. We have been through a lot together so it's definitely going to be hard saying goodbye to him. I also got to spend quite a bit of time talking to my grandma and her sister (Aunt Lynette). It was great! The temple was just so amazing. The building it's self is absolutely beautiful. I felt so special to be a part of the world we live in and part of God's creation. The last room  you enter in the temple is called the Celestial room. It is a very clean, bright room with white furniture, white carpet, white walls, and a huge chandelier! You aren't supposed to talk loud, so it's a very quite spiritual room. As I entered the room, my Dad was the first to greet me and gave me a huge hug. Then Amy followed him. Then my uncle Rob gave me a huge man hug. My aunt Lori followed him. Then my grandma gave me a long hug and cried with tears of happiness! Then Aunt Lynette followed her with the same big tears (: Some of Robs friends also joined us. Anyways the celestial room is a beautiful room you can just sit, ponder, and pray! After a little while everyone left, and I was the only one in the room. (You can stay as long as you want) I just sat there ard prayed for The Lord to be on my side for the mission. I had such a good feeling like I was making the right decision in my life for serving a mission! I just can't wait to meet all the people in Chile. I definitely had an overwhelming and reassuring feeling. Obviously it was the spirit pumping me up. I leave in less the a week now!
I started writing letters to my family on the way up to Saint Louis and the way back home. It made me pretty sad! But happy at the same time (: My temple session started at 6 and it took a couple hours, so by time we said goodbye to the Saint Louis McGee's (Rob and Lori and the kids) we finally made our way back home around 1AM!
I forgot one detail. Before the temple, we went over to a mall and went to a brook stone to buy a 110v to a 220v converter for electricity in Chile!
I love my life and where I am right now. I encourage anyone reading this to go out tomorrow and do something awesome for someone! Make someone's bed, make them a meal or just simply smile. Just do some random act of kindness.
Well goodnight(:
                                   -Elder McGee

Before the temple!

The House of The Lord with my Dad!

Mason, Miranda, Lynette, Mckayla, Grandma McGee, Rob, Lori, Me, Dad, Amy

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