Thursday, August 15, 2013

Buenos Dias familia y amigos!

¿Que nueva? Tanto nueva cosas aqui en Mexico City CCM!
Yo tengo aprendia tanto Español! Es muy loco! El don del lenguas me ayudar mucho!
Voy a Chile en un semana y cuatro dias! ¡estoy muy emocianado! Te amo todos ustedes mucho! (:

    Guys, I just want you to know Ive learned so much this week! Every week I learn more and more exponentially!! I've got almost all the common verbs memorized, lots of scriptures in Spanish memorized, and now I'm working on the fifty different tenses! Each verb can be conjugated about one-hundred times to different words, and then there are irregular verbs that have no correspondence with the other words. Everyone literally speaks in only Spanish here, you get in trouble if you don't! So I've already been forced into it a lot. Also, playing soccer with all the Mexicans each day really helps and it's awesome because they are all very helpful. (: I know this isn't me learning the language. It's only been a little more than a month, and it would be impossible for any individual to learn this quickly. I give full credit to God, and the blessing I received as a missionary to recieve the Gift of Tongues! If you don't know what that is, it's basically when you submit yourself to prayer on your kness multiple times a day and give time to plead with our Heavenly Father to help us out. 

The spirit is so strong here! It's so cool because everyone prays while sitting on benches, before we eat, and other places! Its common to just pray whenever! I challenge anyone reading this, to spend at least five to ten minutes or maybe more every morning and every night on your knees pleading forgiveness to God, and showing your gratitude towards Him for everything you have! Because everything we have is because of Him, and if you think you did anything in this life by yourself, you are wrong! Now I say that with love, because I love all of you! But it is so important to show our gratitude and have a relationship with God. So please start doing it! you will receive many blessings, and you will see your life change in a matter of days! If you don't believe me, just give it a try! What's stopping you? (:

      Anyways, theres my little rant for the week (: We had the first live MTC devotional this week. It was so cool to be apart of something so miraculous. Elder Richard G. Scott of the Quorum of the Twelve spoke to us. He was in Provo, and they broadcast the devotional to the other MTC´s around the world, I believe. They said they were broadcasting to another thousand or so missionaries. It was cool because we were like 700 of them! It was also cool because the closing prayer was by a Sister going to the Tulsa, OK Mission which also covers Springfield. (:

Guys, the second coming is nearing. With the missionary numbers being higher than they ever will be, there is a reason we are going to cover the World with the Truth! Things are happening all over the World, and signs are being fulfilled daily!

Anyways, Elder Scott spoke on the importance of prayer. It was amazing, and the Spirit was soooooo strong! I wish all of you could've been there to feel his love, and his power through words. He said there are three ways we recieve answers to prayers. 1) We receive confidence, and peace from the Spirit which is a green light. 2) We will receive a stuper of thought which is a red light.  3) We will receive nothing. So what do we do when we receive nothing? It shows us that we may not be ready for the answer. It shows us that we must grow spiritually, maybe pray more or read the scriptures more and become closer to God before He is ready to give us an answer.

That is why it is so important to always have the Spirit to be with us. Its important that we always are doing the right things even down the the little things like our language, or our thoughts of other people. We all can do better at this. If we can keep our language clean, keep our thoughts clean, and especially keep our actions good, then we can have the oppurtunity to have the Holy spirit to be with us and to guide us. So when we have the spirit as our companion, we can grow closer to God, and recieve more and better answers to our prayer. He spoke on how we need to have quit times during the day to just ponder questions we may have in life. I wish i spent more quit alone time at home. I hope you all can do this. (: The last thing he said which really stuck out to me was that we need to pray even when we have no desire. God knows how we feel, but he wont help us until we ask him for what we want. When your laying in bed, and you just wanna sleep, get out of bed, and get on your knees! I cannot stress the importance of it! Always pray on your knees or on your feet. (:
     Okay, well more about what ive been up too! Same things almost every day! We wake up, get ready, study for an hour, go to breakfast, have 3 hours of spanish, teaching, and more studying, then we have sports time when we play ultimate frisbee, soccer, and volleyball. Ive always been teaching people to do backflips cause its fun. (: Then we have like an hour to study, or write or read. I have been reading the book of mormon, and im almost done with 3rd nephi. Im also reading our search for happiness. Both are extremely good books that I reccomend (: Then we go to lunch, and lunch is the biggest meal of the day. Its still usually some weird food, but some of it is good! They have way good chicken stuff! Then we go back to class for a second spanish, teaching and studying class! Then we go to dinner, followed by 2 more hours of study time. We like to have a little bit of fun at night time. We come up with the craziest games. They are way fun. We usually study for an hour, then talk about cool things we learned which usually turns into a deep gospel discussion about Josph Smith or the Lamanite and nephites. I learn alot during these discussions! Then for the last 30 minutes we do some fun stuff to keep ourselves sane! after the district study and fun time, everyone goes back to the apartments, and gets ready for bed, everyone talks for a little bit, then we go to sleep and start over. Except sundays are amazing, and tuesdays have devotionals, and thursdays are days where we email, do laundry, and play sports(: So we work really hard to prepare for the language, and the study materials to know what we are talking about. But we also have lots of fun! Im sadly gonna miss this place. Its a small paradise (: Lauren, you should bring some binaculars (or however you spell it) It would be cool to look out onto the city, because all you can ssee are tons of houses and mountains!
      Another really cool thing we learned about this week was how amazing the atonement is for all of us. Jesus Christ died for us so that we could live with our heavenly father again, I cant even describe or comprehend how amazing this is. Without out that happening, we would literally have no way back. But the coolest thing about it, is he knows how we have felt at our lows, and our highs. He knows how we feel every day. The best part, is there is never a time that we could be so low that he wont be there for us. He has felt our worst, along with everyone elses worst together, at one time!! So even when things are hard, dont feel bad. because Jesus Knows how we feel. So offer a prayer, and if you do it sincerely I promise you will feel much better! I wish i did more of these things back at home, but I want to share them with you guys so that you too can feel what I am feeling! I read alot about captain moroni in the book of mormon! What an amazing man! If you have never heard of him, get a book of mormon, and read like the last 20 chapeters of alma! A truly amazing amazing story and man! Can anyone help me with a question that I have? Whenever the lamanites are cursed, does that literally mean there skin was darkend or is that metaphorically speaking. It talks about it all through the book of mormon. And then sometimes it talks about their eyes being darkend. If someone could help that would be awesome (: Last thing I learned alot about this week was repentance. Repentance is not just being forgiven of our sins. It is when we constantly try to align our will with Gods will. We need to repent each day even for the small things we do! I promise it will make a difference in your life. (: Its amazing how much Ive already changed because of all these small and simple things that God asks us to do!
     Lets see, It sounds like everyone is doing awesome from all the emails I received this week! Its so great hearing about whats going on at home (: If you have questions, be sure to ask away (: Im here for one more week! I should leave a week from monday or tuesday! This past monday was when the first group of Americans left to their missions! Pretty cool! I came in the third week, so yeah! Im learning lots every single day, Im praying for everyone at home each and everytime I pray. I love all of you soooo so much and i want everyone to make improvements in their lives. I know the things I have written about are true, and can make a huge difference. Its the whole reason Im on a mission, to bring others unto Christ! So im going down to Chile to hopefully change peoples lives. So thats why I need everyone I know and love and have spent time with to change their lives too. That means YOU! I need a support team of people doing things at home that I ask of, so that I can help other people too!(: It breaks my heart to know how downhill the world is going, which is why we all need to try better! Even me, Im trying my best to do the things God has commanded us. If I can do it, so can you!
     I love all of you so much and wish I could be spending time with you every day! But I know what Im doing is important so I gave up everything I did, and everything I was to do this work. So that is my testement on how important these things are. I want to live with all my friends and family after this life, so I need everyone to do these things(:
My challenge for you this week:
1. Pray morning and night for 5-10 minutes on your knees.
2. Keep yourself good so that the spirit can reside in your heart and guide you.
3. Finish the First book of Nephi in the book of mormon paying special attention to how faithful Nephi is.
4. Love everyone you meet, and smile as much as possible!
I love all of you and miss you guys so much! Pray hard, work hard, and play hard. Life us supposed to be enjoyable. Adam fell that men might be, and men are that they may have joy. -2 Nephi 2:25
Elder McGee

Picture one: Our branch President, and first councilor, President Suaste and President Flores both from Mexico City and speak English fluently (I grew a lot)Picture two: I got a haircut. (:

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