Thursday, August 22, 2013

Its so great to hear from all of you!!

It's so great to hear from all of you!!

I loved hopping on the computer and having a message from almost everyone in the family! I feel like I haven't missed a thing now that I know what's all going on!! It's way weird that we have wooden steps in our house now, but it looks good (:

My adventures have encompased quite a bit this week.  First of all, I will for sure be in Chile next week! I'm so excited, and glad to be leaving Mexico City. This place is great, but my heart is in Chile!
I can already tell I'm just going to love all the people down there.
I'm not sure when my flights are or anything, but based on patterns, I should be out of here on Monday! Yo soy muy emocianado!!!! (:

I'm also excited to hear my family's voices.

Another way awesome thing, is that I should be home before the 4th of July in 2015! Which is kinda exciting now, but I'm sure I wont wanna come home at the end.

Today, I went to the Temple for the second time. It's about an hour away, so its kind of cool to drive through the city and check out everything going on! It's one masssive city, with lots and lots of hustle and bustle! It's crazier than New York times ten. It's pretty gross though, lots of trash everywhere, but at the same time, everything is way colorful! I love it (: Random buildings are just bright pink or purple or blue! It's cool looking out onto the city from our dorm room because it's like tons of colors! Anyways, El Templo was beautiful as always! It's way cool because it's just this perfectly white massive building in the midst of a gross, smog infested city!

The Temple ceremony was beautiful, and always enlightens me until the next time I go. For anyone reading this who isn't a member of my church, the Temple is a place where members can enter into a very peaceful, quiet, and reverent building where anything more than a whisper is disruptive. It's amazing the peace and joy that envelops you as soon as you walk in the building.

Furthermore, in the Temple it's kind of like a church meeting, but it is very sacred and another way we can become closer to Christ, and worship him. I know that I feel the Spirit of the Lord stronger there, than any other place. It's amazing. If you have never seen a temple, google the San Diego, California LDS Temple. It's probably my favorite. I have seen pictures of all of them, and been to about fifty of them, I think..
It looks like a fairty tale castle! (: Anyways, the Temple was awesome, and always makes me way happy. I was filled with confidence that I can become the missionary God wants me to be, and to not
worry about learning Spanish!!

As far as Spanish goes, I'm continuing to do better! I could understand a lot of the signs on buildings and the Temple ceremony was much easier to understand than the first week of not knowing a single bit of Spanish!!
The cooks, the security guards, the teachers, and all the workers here are locals. Some teachers are white, but they are trying to get it to be just locals! So if I want something, I have to know how to say it in Spanish!
The hardest thing so far was learning how to use an all Spanish ATM. Next time you hit up the bank, try it in Spanish, and then you will know how scary it is when dealing with money and not knowing what it says!!

This is my thirty-seventh day, and I feel like it's been only a week. Time flies a lot faster when I focus more, and try to really work on Spanish, and how to teach! Whenever I think about home, things get to be a little longer.
I'm gonna miss the CCM, because I have matured so much! I have grown so much it's crazy! One of the first devotionals we had, which I think was Elder Holland, said that missionaries are expected to become
the best teachers in the world, with the most important message anyone has ever had almost over night! Now, I know what that means. Because I feel like I am a pretty good teacher now, and I'm just pumped to get into
the field!! (:

Some funny things that happened this week: We tried that bananas and Sprite trick again! My friend puked everywhereeeee after I punched him in the stomache! His name is Elder Loveridge, he's a crack up! (:
Ummmm, He also like almost broke his ankle this week playing soccer! Soccer has been getting way intense! Everyone plays their frustrations with Spanish out! Also, they were rolling down this huge screen inside the
auditorium and it got caught on the curtains and just ripped the curtains off and kinda broke the screen. It was in front of about 800 missionaries, so everyone was freaking out. (: We have been playing some really fun mind
games in the dorms at night! I can't wait to play them at family dinners with you guys. I wrote them in my journals!

So last Thursday, I finished reading the whole Book of Mormon. I did it in exactly one month! July 16th to August 16th. What a powerful book of ancient prohpets and wars and crazy stories! If you haven't read it -- I highly, highly recommend it! Want to know why? Because it's true! I know for a fact that the Book of Mormon is true! I know the Prophet, Joseph Smith translated it with the power of God.

After I finished reading it, I went into a grove of trees just like Joseph Smith did when he was fourteen years old. I wanted to ask God if the book is really true. We can ask God any question! I know He will answer it! So I knelt down and prayed and started asking about the Book of Mormon. As soon as I asked if it was true, and was really translated by Joseph Smith, I started to see all this white around me. It kinda freaked me out at first. But I kept praying with my eyes shut. I instantly felt the Spirit give me a warm chill throughout every end of my body. I knew that I was receiving an answer through the Holy Ghost confirming that the book is true. The power was amazing as the soft wind blew through my hair! As I opened my eyes, I realized that the bright light I saw was all the lights on the whole campus turning out for night time. A coincidence? I think not. Between the confirmation of the Spirit and the lights turning on as soon as I asked the question, I know with out a doubt that the Book of Mormon is true!

If you don't believe me, read the whole book which is only five-hundred and thirty one pages, and pray for yourself to know of its truth. I can promise you that you will receive an answer. If you don't have a Book of Mormon, contact a member of my family, and they will get you one! Then read it! It's way awesome! It talks about wars, and people having crazy things happen to them. You will see that God has his hand in all of our lives, and reading this book will change the way you live your life! I promise. (:

After I finished the Book of Mormon, I read a book called Our Search for Happiness, also an awesome book all about how we can be happy in our lives!! I reccomend it too. (:

So yeah, I'm still studying all day, and doing service projects, and playing sports sometimes! It's hard work, but I'm already changing so much just by actually doing all the small things like praying, reading the scriptures, serving other people, being happy, and having tons of faith in Jesus Christ, and God that they can do anything for me.

I pray my heart out each night for everyone I know, and for all the people Im going to be teaching.
Everyone needs to hear the message of the Restored Church on Earth today! About how our families can be eternal, Where we come from, where we are going after death, and of all the great fruits on the Gospel on earth today!  I gave up two years of my life because I feel so strongly about all of this. If I can give up everything including making videos, doing the things I love, being with my family, and an awesome girlfriend, then you can at least check out what Mormons are and what we do! (:

I want everyone to know that I love you so so so much, and next time you hear from me, I will be in South America, enjoying the beautiful country of Chile! I'm not sure if I will have as much time to share my stories,
but I hope what I'm doing is benefitting everyone reading this! I hope to express my love torwards you and the love of our Savior, Jesus Christ. I wear his name on my chest every day. His name is just as big as my name on
my name tag! He loves all of us. And We are God's children. He will always be there for you, all you have to do is express to Him what you need, and what you want, and what you can do for Him!

A funny scipture in Mosiah 18:30... It says the word Mormon 6 times! So... In 18:30, 6 Mormons started the church! Made me laugh a little bit! Check it out!

If you have any questions for me, let me know! I love seeing and hearing what everyones doing! Shoot me an email, or write me a letter! (:

I love all of you so much! I promise if you do the things that I ask, you will see your life change for the better so much!

Until next time, my last report from Mexico City,

Elder McGee (:

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