Monday, August 26, 2013

Hola family!

Hola family!

This will be just a quick little update! I leave at 9:30 PM, and arrive in Chile at 7 AM - so I'll be on a plane all night!!  Crazy, but it'll be fun with the other 29 missionaries that will be on my plane (:
Umm since Thursday, I have grown so much already!!  We have had many testimony meetings, and it's sad to leave this place!  Friday, all day, we had a in-field orientation, which was awesome and so spiritual!  They basically went over all the details on how to find people and how to actually be a missionary!  I cannot believe that I will be out teaching people in Spanish on Tuesday!! Crazy!

Our main teacher: Hermana Baum
Our other teacher: Hermano Miller

Our dorms!

Saturday, we had both of our teachers tell us about their lives, and as a district we got together to teach them as members of the church and what they could focus on. I kinda led both teachings with my ideas. They were both very spiritual and both teachers said that's exactly what they needed to hear! Which was cool because it was my first time, I felt like I was in tuned with the spirit enough to receive revelation on what to do with someone! Awesome experience (:

Today has been such a spiritual day already! I spoke in Church today and the spirit just conveyed the message that everyone needed to hear! I was the last to speak in front of about fifty missionaries, following both the zone leaders, and two district leaders! The Spirit was so strong though as I testified of Jesus Christ being our Savior, our Brother, and our friend! 

I challenge you to read Doctrine and Covenants Section 122! It truly testifies of Christ's feelings towards us!! Read it (:

We had a district testimony meeting today! I testified of how much I have grown here, and how awesome the gospel we have is! It makes me so happy! I want everyone to be a part of it! It's so happy, and exciting being a part of this great and marvelous work!! I love it, and I love being a missionary!

I just got out of a meeting with one of the CCM councilors talking about how we need to pray about specific things! It was great and the spirit was totally there! I'm loving it here, and I'm gonna be really sad to leave tomorrow, but I'm also very excited to go down to Chile, and teach everyone (:(:

Touching the wall!
Sneaking onto a fourwheeler! Mwuahaha!
And spanish Sprite!

I love you all so much! Im not sure when my P-Day is, or when I'll be able to e-mail next,
but it will be soon!

Work hard, pray hard, play hard!

Elder McGee!

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