Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Well hello familia! Este es mi segundo mes en Chile!

Well hello familia!

Este es mi segundo mes en Chile! I can't believe it. Already two months down in the mission? Where is the time going? I'm gonna be home so fast! (Which isn't good, because I love it here!)
Has anyone written me letters yet? I would like some please (: I will send a picture of the address. I believe it has changed!

So, starting with last Monday night, we had a noche hogar with Bishop and his wife, and some less active members. Bishop is a super funny awesome guy! His son is serving in Bolivia, I believe! But the family home evening went really well! The spirit was strong, and we watched "Finding Faith in Christ" in Spanish, of course! haha. 

Then the next day we had an awesome Zone Conference! I can actually understand what's going on at meetings now! At the end of it we all shared our testimonies of Jesus Christ and his Atonement for our sins! I bore mine in Spanish. The spirit was so strong, and it all came out exacty how I wanted it too! This week I have been really focusing on every single word that comes out of peoples' mouths. If I don't know a word, I write it down! 

My most spiritual experience this week, actually happened twice! The first time we finished a lesson, and we asked this girl to say the closing prayer. She told us she had never prayed before, so we told her we would help her. She said one of the shortest, but most sincere prayers I've ever heard in my life. The spirit was so strong that my eyes watered up! It was miraculous! I never thought something like that could be so amazing! But it was. 

And then it happened again! We were at a guy's house. He is eighteen just like me. He works every single day, and there is no way he would ever have time to listen to us. That morning we prayed that we could find someone who needed to hear our message. We were about to give up for the day on finding that person, and go back to the house. But then, we both felt that we should go to one more house. It was that guy! He answered and said we had woke him up from a nap, but it was good because he missed work because he fell asleep! So it was amazing because he accidently missed work so that he could hear what we had to say! We asked him to say a prayer. He said he hadn't prayed in a while and he might need help. But he said a perfect prayer! The spirit was so strong again that my eyes watered up. It's just amazing at the divine connections God sends us missionaries out to find! The work is pressing forward, and everyone needs to hear this message! It's so important!

I'm having a blast though! It's hard, and every single morning feels like it was five seconds ago. The days are super long, but the weeks are short. I didn't quite understand that until this week. Its awesome though!

On the 11th, we had to go in to the house early because September 11th here is interesting! Everyone like does crazy stuff in the streets, like blowing up cars and throwing rocks. So we had to go in at 7:00 pm instead of 9:30 pm! I guess it has to do with something about Chile becoming a free country. I don't know -- Look it up!

This week is September 18th. Its super cool because that's their Independence Day! So it's like the 4th here this week. We have a party at the church on the 18th. I'm pretty excited! Everyone flies volantines. Which are like kites! There are Chilean flags everywhere! Honestly, I think Chile has more pride in their country. Everyone is excited this week!
Umm what else! If you have any questions, let me know!
I love all of you and am glad to hear that everyone is doing well, even though I didn't hear from many of you this week!

I love you all, have another good week! Remember, I'm praying for you guys all the time.


Elder McGee