Monday, September 9, 2013

Wow (:(: Another week!

Wowwwwwwzaaaaa! Another week gone!
Guys, my time is going by too fast): Im loving the mission so much and its only been a few weeks! Im just enjoying it more than anyone could ever enjoy something. The mission is like every amazing experiance Ive ever had put together, each day!! But it doesnt make sence, because Im working my butt off each and every day! Every night, I feel like Im climbing a mountain to get to the second floor of our apartment, then I finally lay my head down on the pillow, and its morning again! I dont ever remember sleeping, its crazy! If anyone could like send me some more time in the mail, that would be great!
So I guess you could saying that I am absolutely loving it! Yes, its hard, and yes sometimes I just wanna go home, and be with everyone, but I wouldnt trade this experiance for the world!! How cool of an oppurtunity it is, to be in freakin Chile, learning Espanol, and not doing anything but serving the Lord! You couldnt pay me to come home or do anything else than this! I love it (:
Im so glad to hear that everone is doing amazing!! Im sorry if I dont have enough time to write back individually, but hopefully the mass can have enough info to answer your questions(:
But this week was great! Not as successful as the first week, but still a great week! We still have 4 baptismal dates coming up, and possibly a fifth! Spanish is coming along, and I can now understand alittle better, and speak a little better as you can imagine. But its not me, I know for a fact that without God on my side, and having him so close, that theres no way, Id know this much! I strive so hard every day, to keep my thoughts super clean which includes not judging these people! If I can keep myself as sinless as possible, even the smallest of things, I know the spirit will guide me and help me to the things I need! And the coolest part, is Im not doing anything special! I dont have any extra power, and I dont have anything more than any of you! The secret is in the small things! This week, I want everyone to try your best just to pray morning and night, and read the scriptures once a day! How hard is that?? God gives us so much, the least we can do, is communicate our needs, and show our grattitude, and study his doctrines to make us better people! I cant stress to you how important these things are! JUST DO IT! Also check out Doctrine and Covenants 6:36 and 37! Wow! If that doesnt explain how to live our lives, then what does??

Dallas: Yes, last week, I did bare my testiomony in Spanish.. Try that(; haha! It was like not even a minute long! And eveyone was just staring at me! But Like our promise, I bore it! (: (we made a promise that we would never miss an oppurtunity to share our testimony and beliefs)

Umm its cool having the assistants to the president in our ward! They are in charge of the 250 something missionaries in the Rancagaua area! And Im getting to be tight with them! This sunday we ate with the stake president and bishop, and Im also getting pretty tight with some other zone leaders in a differant zone! Its kinda cool having these oppurtunites because They are all like leaders, and Im barely a new missionary with a few weeks under my belt! But every missionary I have met has been way awesome! I love all of them! (: I also met a sister that is from Columbia missiouri! Kinda cool to meet a missionary not from the factory! (Utah) We see other missionaries all the time in the streets, and at the stores! its pretty cool because there are soooo many here! And the coolest part is that we are all here for one purpose. Giving up our lifes, and everything that we are, to invite everyone to come unto Christ! If you are reading this, and have not met with any of the missionaries, find some, and talk with them! Thats why we are here (: Check out! We are all over the world in 405 different missions! Crazy!
Lets see... What else is going on in this crazy country!

Oh! Today we went shopping, and I got some freakin cool soccer jerseys! One from the Chile international team, and one of the Ohiggins team here locally! Kinda like the springfield cardS?? Anyways, on thursday I think, Chile literally shut down because they were playing in the world cup. They won! But no one would talk to us because they were watching the game, so we went and watched it at a members house. Its so cool here! Take the superbowl, which is a pretty big deal in the states, and multiply that enthusiasm times 100! EVERYONE loves soccer here! There are public courts everywhere! Its so fun! We play at the church with members and investigators every saturday! Its so much fun! I love futbol!!

The food is still good every day, and theres so much of it! Ive learned how to eat a ton and make it last for 24 hours because they only have one big mneal here! I have cereal in the morning, but not much because I have to be starving when its time for almuerzo because its so much food!
I have also learned how to yawn with my mouth barely open. Its quite useful because I am always exhausted, but my message is so awesome and important that I am happy and excited to share it. I cant really explain it (:

Oh and the mountains here are amazing! They surround the whole place! I cant really take pictures becuase its more than panaramic!!

Im loving this place like crazzzzzzzzy! Im not gonna wanna come home. Like I said in the last letter, can everyone not move here?

Also noone has dryers, everyone has washers, so we just wash it and then hang it! Kinda interesting!

Send me letters and packages in the mail! That will be nice(:

Well I hope that givces you an idea of whats going on here! Im happy to know everyone is doing good and happy! Because happieness is all that matters!! (:

Always trust in the lord! He knows whats best! I will see you all very very soon! The time is flying!

Elder McGee

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