Monday, September 30, 2013

Wow! Already like 11 weeks in baby!

Wow! Already like eleven weeks in baby!

I'm truly having a blast. I just keep meeting the most amazing people and having so much fun!
Springfield, unfortunately, is not the only place with Pineapple Whip! We ran into a guy this week that not only sold something like Pineapple Whip, but better! Go figure! It was amazing though! But I doubt I will find anything better than Andys! Because I am and will always be devoted to my love of Andys! (:

I feel like there are so many things to write about and I don't know where to start.

I had my first couple of dreams in Spanish this week, so I defenitely know that Spanish is somewhere inside of me! My companiion says that he talks to me sometimes while I am sleeping and we have full conversations in Spanish. I'm not sure if he is telling the truth or not, but I wouldn't doubt it. I will say though, I can understand most of what's going on now. If someone asks me a direct question I tend to freeze up, but all is good (:

This week we were really struggling finding someone new to teach! We didn't find anyone until yesterday. It was so amazing! After a long week of trial and tribulation, the Lord will always bless us after we have given all that we can give. We went a visited a less-active (menos activo) in the church, and she was so excited to see us. In fact she was so excited that she told us to come back on Sunday and she would have two friends to hear our message. So we went back yesterday and sure enough she had two friends over which was amazing!  Already to have a less-active doing missionary work. We watched the movie of the Restoration with Joseph Smith, and it's an absoultely amazing movie. I tear up a little bit every time I watch it because its so beautiful and the message is true, and the Spirit lets you know that! After the movie they both teared up and told us that this is what they were searching for. They said they knew it was true and they want to learn more! God truly prepared us to go and find that less-active and excite her about missionary work. We knew they were being pepared because after fourteen years of being together they are wanting to get married next month which means that baptism and visiting the temple will be possible since they will be married! That was just one of the many blessings we received this week.

Another is a boy named Daniel. He is a twelve-year-old seeking the truth of God and religion. He's so awesome! How many twelve-year-olds do you know who want to know the truth about God and religion?? He has been reading The Book of Mormon and has all these awesome questions about it! It's so awesome the people we are running into and teaching!
Last week was my companion's birthday which was pretty fun! One of the members threw a little party for him. Here, you have to smash your face into a cake. It's a tradition. So he had to do that three times because different people made him cakes (:
Im glad to hear everyone is happy and doing well! I still pray every day and every night for you guys! I miss everyone at home, but this work is so important!
So this week I have been thinking alot about the second coming. I have this song on my Ipod that is absolutely beautiful. It asks a couple questions that I have been thinking about alot this week and maybe you can think about them too!
When Jesus Christ comes with all of his Glory and brightness, will you be ready? If it happened tomorrow would you feel your life is in harmony with his example? When Jesus comes, and calls you by name and asks if you have done everything in your power to choose the right, and build his kingdom, will you look him in the eyes and say Yes, I have done all I can? None of us are perfect, but we can always try a little harder. This week take something you want to work on, and either start doing something, or stop doing it! The 2nd coming is coming soon, and we all need to prepare this day! I feel every day like I am coming closer to God, and you guys can too! So my challenge for this week, Read Alma 34:32-34 in the book of mormon, and think about if you are ready to meet God, and Jesus Christ. Its not something to be scared of, its just we all need to be a little better and try a little harder. So go and either start doing something good this week, or stop doing something bad. You can do it through prayer and faith in Christ, because all things are possible through our Savior, and Redeemer, Jesus Christ!

Im doing good, and happy! So dont worry about me! Im safe andf protected by Angels of God! (: I would like some letters or packages (; It takes like 3 weeks so get to it (;

I love you all so much and everything is going awesome! Time is flying by, and we are already done with our first change! Well, we will be this week. Hey this weekend is General Conference! So get your notepads out and take notes because we will be taught by living Prophets!

I love you all so much!
Have an awesome week!
Love Elder McGee

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