Monday, October 7, 2013

Hola familiaaaaaa and amigos!

Hola familiaaaaaa and amigos!

Este semana fue superrrrrrr bakan! Chile es le mejor pais en la mundo! A veces, no pienso yo salir mi pais, por que este pais es superrrr buena! Todos los Elderes, and miembros aqui son marvilouso! Estoy super feliz y contento! (:

Hello English speakers! (:

Guys, this past week was great! We had some good experiences and finished it off with Conference! Wow! Chile is finally starting to warm up. There's no such thing as a 'white Christmas' in Chile, in fact, most of the Christmas songs don't even make sense here... because it's Summer and blazing hot during these next couple months! It's weird too, because school here is about to let out for Summer!

I am just having the best time. I have met so many cool families, and other missionaries. The first change is this week and it's really sad to see some of the missionaries leave to other places of the mission!

I really kicked it in with Spanish this week! It's way exhausting, and I get made fun of a lot by the members and others, but hey how else do you learn? I just start speaking what's on my mind, and if I mess up, then so what? It's not my first language and I can get away with saying whatever I want because they know I am learning! But it's getting better, every single day. I feel like I can understand most at this point which is good!

This past week, we had a good experience. We have a less-active that we are teaching to come back to church! He had some smoking and drinking problems, and other problems with his family. After a few weeks of teaching him principles, and why we always need to go to church, and read the scriptures, and pray -- I have seen a change in him.  He has stopped smoking and drinking and has come to church a few times. He gave us a reference of his sister. We went over there and taught her and we had a good experience! They seemed to enjoy our message.

A few weeks had gone by and we couldn't get ahold of them which was strange because the first lesson went awesome! So our less active, Luis said he would come with us. I'd never seen him so pumped or have a desire to do anything with the church, and now he was pumped to go teach his sister. We went to her house and yelled, "ALLO" because everyone here has a gate, so we don't knock on doors. She popped out of the window becuase she heard her brothers voice, and said she was sick and didn't have time - which is a usual excuse. He said,  "I don't care, put on some clothes, I have the missioneries with me, and they have an important message!" He barged in through their gate, and door, and their two daughters were watching a movie on the couch. He told them to move because we were about to teach!

The whole family gathered around, and we taught a beautiful first lesson of Joseph Smith and the Restoration of God's authority on Earth today! The Spirit was strong and Luis had taught half the lesson. He was so happy to share his knowledge of the Restored Gospel with his sister. Its amazing to see how someone went from drinking and smoking to doing missionary work. Wow. A true blessing for us, for him, and for his sister. It was perfect. (:

Conference was amazing. Almost every talk spoke of missionary work. My favorite was Edward Dube. He spoke on how we should never look back. I'm pretty sure he knew he was speaking right to me in Chile. I was fortunate to watch it in English with fifteen other gringo missionaries. I learned a lot and took fifteen pages of notes. (:  Wow!

Guys, I want you to know that I love you so much!!

Our house flooded this week, and our laundry machine broke. We did laundry at a members house! haha. I'm so glad to hear everyone is doing awesome.  What the heck happened to Hanna and Sydney? You guys need to stop growing up! Or at least wait until I get back to beat all those guys up!

We have been making brownies for a lot of people. No one here has had them and they love them!  I went on splits with one of our Zone Leaders this week. It was really fun!

But really, I love all of you guys. The time is flying by and it's nice to have the support of everyone at home.

Grandma sent me a quote this week that I really liked: "Jesus is a gentlemen, and He will only come if you invite Him."

Another quote I really like (which is on my wall at home) is:  "The challenges ahead of you are not nearly as great as the power behind you." It has a picture of a boy navigating a ship with Jesus Christ behind him pointing where to go.

I know that Jesus Christ is our Savior, Redeemer, and Brother. I testify nearly crying to people every day! He died so that we could live with our Heavenly Father again. Don't ever take that for granted. Thank God for Him sending His son in each and every one of your prayers!

I love you all. 
Tengan un bakan semana!
Have an awesome week!

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