Monday, December 23, 2013

Hey hey heyyyy Christmas time baby (:

I can't believe this week is Christmas! It certainly doesn't feel like Christmas. (: It's like 100 degrees every day! I'm getting tan, everyone goes to the pools, and somehow you guys have snow and have Christmas? I feel like I just got released from school and I'm enjoying summer, baby! No way it can be December and Christmas!

It's pretty crazy that I can talk to you guys in like two days!! Wooo! My companion and I were thinking we are going to call in the afternoon. Like 2-ish or 4-ish. I'm not exactly sure right now. I'm sorry I can't give you exact hours! But you guys are three hours behind me... So we will just figure it out. Haha. I never like having set plans, anyways.. (: Honestly, I'm really nervous to talk! I feel like I have changed so much (for the good) and it's just gonna be weird! Haha. But I'm also super excited!!

Wow! This week was amazing! We taught so many lessons on just how to enjoy the Spirit and what Christmas really means! What a great time to take all my hurt, and missing of the family and technology and home and shove it into these peoples faces that I left everything to be with them. That's one of my favorite things to do if I am having a hard time, just bare my testimony boldly and solidly that I am here for a reason: I left everything I was, my parents, and siblings, and family, and Macbook, and iPhone, and making videos, and hanging out with friends to just give myself to the Lord. I can testify that I have not felt a greater joy in my life. What I have experienced is not something you can buy or just obtain. It's something you have to work diligently and obediently for. It takes long hours of studying, praying, and giving up bad habits to just put your whole self into the hands of God and let Him control you. It's seriously the best!! (:

The hermanas (sisters) in our ward had two baptisms back to back this weekend! We had a lot of fun setting up for those, while setting up for different Christmas parties in the ward, and all that good stuff. The ward Christmas party was fun! They just played some Michael Buble the whole night! It was really fun, and I danced around and harmonized with the grandmas of the ward. (: Gotta share the love somehow!

I sang in choir this past Sunday. We practiced and practiced and practiced! Somehow during the meeting on Sunday, it came out really well because everyone was like, "Wow! You guys are good!" I didn't know I could sing at all. I can at least get the notes out. (:

We had an awesome lesson with our investigator, Aquiles, this past week! It's awesome! He's just the coolest old man ever! He says 'yes' to everything and then prays about it and receives answers. (:

Last night was so great! We went over to one member's house who is just like my grandma here in Chile. She's just great! She had some really deep questions about the Church and deep Gospel stuff. Somehow I knew exactly what to say and just taught by the Spirit with power! It was a miracle! 

I'm having such a blast here in Chile! Im safe, and happy, so yeah. (: What more could you want??
I'm excited to talk on Wednesday!! I love you all!
Have an awesome Christmas!!
Love, Elder McGee (:

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