Monday, December 16, 2013

Hey whats up family!!!

Hey what's up family!!!
This week has been great! Sorry, I don't have much time to write this week! But this week we had an activity for Christmas. It was great having three zones together! That's like 100 people or so. 

We played sports all day, and had musical shows, and watched some awesome Christmas videos. I wanted to make some awesome videos after that. (:

I got sick the next day because I was out in the sun and exercising all day and eating tons of food. So Sunday and today were pretty hard because the mission doesn't stop. That's the best part. It doesn't matter if your throwing up, and don't have anyone to take care of you, you keep going and pushing through. You just pray that you'll get better soon. So, I kept going and sharing my testimony with everyone even though I didn't have the energy to walk... (:

The evangelist music here in Spanish is awesome. I've been enjoying it lately. (:  Yesterday, we had church for one hour because it was a voting day! The woman won, so theres a woman president in Chile which is cool.

Our investigator, Aquelis is doing awesome. (: We are going to try to baptize him on Christmas which would be a White Christmas if you know what I mean. Because it's 100 degrees here, and the only white thing around here is our shirts, and baptismal pants. (:  He's doing awesome though! We taught him about the Word of Wisdom and he just said he would do it, and he didn't argue, instead he asked us what he could drink and eat. It was funny, but he's just a cute old man. (:

We also have another investigator who has tons of money!! He's loaded. He has a pool in his front yard. He first told us that he doesn't need anything else in this life, and that everything is good. We then explained that he is missing the Gospel in his life. He's is highly interested in the church, because who wouldn't be? My favorite thing to say in each and every testimony I give, nearly crying of the Spirit is just to say that this church is the reason for my smile. It's the reason I get up every day, and its the reason I leave my family to be with you guys this Christmas season.
Everyone, just remember as you are buying your Christmas presents that this season is really about Jesus Christ. You can hear that 1000 times but until you really sit down and think about what this season is about, you're not going to feel it. I give you all a challenge to do something for someone. It doesn't matter what it is, just go out of your path one day and do something awesome for someone. (:

Okay, I have to go.  I love you all.  You are the best support (: Especially Michael who has sent me by far the most letters. (:  Chau!!


Elder McGee

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