Monday, December 9, 2013

Wow, its a blazing 95 degrees here!

Wow, it's a blazing 95 degrees here! I'm getting tan, I see there's tons of snow there! It's hard to imagine that everyone I know and love is freezing right now, while I'm dying of heat every night with the fan on full blast and the windows open!! 

I'm so excited to be able to talk to the family on Christmas! (: Its only like three weeks away!! I can't believe its already December, I feel like you all just told me about your Halloween stories!! (:

This week absolutely flew by!!  Our investigator, Aquelis is doing awesome! He came to church again this week, and it was absolutely amazing to see his face light up and feel the Holy Ghost in church. (: We had a lesson with this one guy who said it wasn't possible to have the gift of tongues. I looked at him in the eyes, and asked him if it was possible to learn a language and teach with power in three months. I bore testimony of the power God has given me to learn the language of the people here. I don't remember what I said, because it definitely wasn't me talking.
We had one extremly successful day, finding two families to teach! It was awesome! So many people need to hear this special message!!

Mom sent me a Christmas package, so we enjoyed some good Christmas stuff, my companion and I! I also bought a little Christmas tree, and some people gave us some ornaments, I'll send a picture next week. (:  I have found a way to continue making videos and it is in harmony with the mission rules, so you guys will see some videos here shortly. (:

My challenge for the week, is to read some of the Book of Mormon, and then think of someone you could give it too. I want to give out 150 in my mission. (: I think you could at least do one. (: It's the coolest book ever. I testify of its truthfulness and coolness. (:

Well, that's about all this week! Just know that I'm safe and loving it here in Chile!! I want each of you to know how much I love you! You are all in my prayers daily. Thank you all for your prayers. I can totally feel them. I have the best support system ever. (:

Love, Elder McGee

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  1. Hi I'm Elder Loveridge's mom. My son knows your son from the MTC. Thanks for posting Elder McGee's pictures! I copy the ones that have Nelson in them! Can't wait for the Christmas call! Merry Christmas:)