Monday, December 2, 2013

Diciembra already??? Wooo!

Aquí estamos tan cerca a navidad!
Estoy super animado para hablar con ustedes tan pronto!

Diciembra already??? Wooo!
We are going to buy a small little Christmas tree for the apartment! Some people gave us ornaments, and lights. (:

I had a pretty great week!
So remember Aquelis from last week? 
Well he came to church yesterday! Oh yeahhh! This man is super ready. I bore solid testimony to him this past week of the importance of going to church. It's amazing how people respond when they understand the importance of going to church every Sunday. Because they usually end up going the next week. (:

Wow, yesterday was probably one of the most powerful experiences I've had on the mission so far. We went into these peoples' house. And something was definitely going on between them. We totally picked up on it, and decided to just try to help them with their marriage problems. So it was going awesome, and then it was my turn to speak, and I had no idea where my words came from. I honestly didn't know that I knew these words in Spanish. It was truly a miracle for me because I said everything I wanted to say with clarity. I spoke of the Atonement of Jesus Christ and the incredible power behind forgiveness. Jesus Christ atoned for our sins, and went below all of us. He felt things that we will never experience in this life. So if you are having problems, lift your head up, and smile because Jesus knows how you feel. I testify of that. He knows everything you go through, so give him your all.

This week was my first week that my heart was broken by an investigator! She progressed so much, and was so ready to be baptized, until she called us this week, and said she didn't want visits from us. Wow. I gave her my everything, and I was rejected. It was a hard day, but you can only pick up and press forward. Siguir Adelante.

I also got to go up to Santiago this past week to get my visa. It was really fun, we were super lost and I decided to pray, and somehow I knew the way to get where we needed to go in downtown Santiago!

Anyways, that's it for this week, I don't have any more time. (: So, I love you all, 
Keep going strong. Sounds like everyone had a good turkey day -- we did too -- my comp and I, because they don't celebrate that here!

Love you all, 
Love Elder McGee

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