Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Buenas tardes familiares y amigos (:

Buenas tardes familiares y amigos (:
Yo tenia una super buena semana!!
Mi español es mucho mejor, y puedo entender mucho mas!
Mi componero nuevo, Elder Aguire, es de Argetina!
En nuestro casa, siempre hablamos en español, porque el no sabe ingles!!
Woooo (:
Anyways what's up! I had a pretty great week!  I received my new companion from Argentina this past Tuesday. He will be ending his mission with me. He doesn't know English, and it's only us that live in the house. (: So from here on out, it's all in Spanish, baby!! He was a zone leader before, so he is a great missionary, and has lots of experience!

As soon as we put his stuff in the house, I was in charge because I stayed in the same place. So for a couple days, I was leading the sector, and making the phone calls, and doing everything! I was amazed and blessed this past week, as I grew tremendously in my Spanish because of the tasks I had to complete. The members here are so great. It's cool because in less than three months here in Chile, I'm confortable doing anything, and talking to anyone. (:

My companion is really funny. We just laugh all day, and joke about everything in a good way. (: But we we teach, it's powerful and our unity is great! We found eight new people this week! How cool! We started working like 50 times harder this week in everything from teaching more, to running in the mornings.

It's usually about 90 degrees here in the days. I was thinking this week, it's been pretty weird. Whenever summer ends here, I'll have experienced summer for a year! The same when I come back home. I'll already be tan whenever you guys are just putting your coats away. (:
Anyways! We ended the week with a Stake Conference stacked with the Temple President, and the Mission President. I understood everything, and it was great. (: I'm just having the best of times. Let me tell ya! I have experienced a different kind of joy! A joy that keeps a smile on your face for more than a few minutes. A joy that just makes your heart happy! It's amazing.

This past week, we had a great experience. We met a man who is named Aquiles. He told us his wife died, and just cried and cried and cried. He is about 60 years old and living alone. We shared a scripture, and I testified that his wife was experiencing joy and happiness, and she was in a safe place. He was so relieved, and said his wife had sent us to his house. It's amazing to just help people out. The service of others is what this life is about. I know you guys aren't missionaries, and can't spend all your time serving people around you, but I know you can all do little things each day that can change peoples' lives. (:

This week I get to go to Santiago to get my carnette. It's like my visa! Wooo (:
That's about all for this week! (: I love you all. Get on your knees and thank God for everything that you have, because you never know when it'll be gone. I carry a rock in my pocket every single day. Everytime I touch it, I say a mini prayer thanking him for something. I've been doing it for four months now. I have noticed the biggest change in my attitude and happiness in general. (:
Elder McGee

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