Monday, November 18, 2013

Hey Hey Heyyyy (:

Hey Hey Heyyyy (:

Wow I miss you all!
What's new? Not much! Just learning Spanish, studying the scirptures, teaching my heart out, and exhausting myself daily! I think the hardest part of my day now, is walking up the flight of stairs into the apartment! But I guess that's good!

Tomorrow, my companion Elder Peñuñuri from Mexico, and Arizona is leaving me! Im going to be having a full Latin companion who doesn't speak English! Woo! So my Spanish is going to probably be its potential by Christmas. (: Im pretty excited! I'll be with him starting tomorrow morning! I'm also officially done with my training!

This past week not much happened! Just running around teaching a lot, and trying to get people to understand the importance of the Gospel! I've been thinking a lot this week, just about positive energy. It is truly the source that makes the world go around. Every single positive thought makes something good happen. If we all took everything in front of us and just made it positive, think how great the world would be! When it all comes down to it, everything positive comes from the Light of Christ. We are all born with this light inside of us. It's amazing too just take each and every daily challenge and think of how it benefited you, or how you grew from it! I loved the quote Grandma sent to me this week. It says: "Strength doesn't come from what you can do. It comes from overcoming the things you once thought you couldn't." So my challenge for you this week is to try to take a negative situation and make it positive. (: 

Our hourse flooded again! This time is was my fault. Our shower heater broke. Everyone uses hot water heaters here, but they are gas, so you have to light it on fire eeach time you want hot water. Well this week, is broke, and we had to take cold showers! I don't know why but I decided I would just use to hot water knob... Well the pipes inside of the califon (hot water heater) weren't connected. So the whole time I was in the shower, water was just shooting into our house. It was great!!

I went on divvisions with another Elder this past week. He is from Peru, and we taught some people. They were all just crying, and said it's what they needed and they had been searching for the truth for a long time! The spirit was sooooo strong. It was definitely a nice feeling. It's the whole reason I'm here: to bring people and invite them to come unto Christ.

Well. There's not much else that happened! Wish me luck with my new companion, and I will write you all about it next week. (:  I love you all!

Elder McGee

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