Monday, November 11, 2013

Hola! Que tal?

Hola! Que tal?

I had another great week here in Chile. (:

It's beginning to look a lot like summer!! Windows are opening, and music is being played in the streets! The Chileans love their 80's music. It's cool because they like the good stuff too like Milli Vanilli. (:

We got to go to a wedding this week for one of our investigators!! Wooo! They now have a baptismal date. (: This week I truly saw how God can work in our lives! We started off by visiting a less active, and re-activating her, then she got excited about missionary work, and had her friend over. Her friend was very impressed with the Joseph Smith story, and said she knew it was true, and wanted to be baptized. But she wasn't married to the guy with whom she was living. So we got them married this past week.

While we were at her wedding, we saw a lady working at the government building. We didn't talk to her. Later that day, we felt impressed to go contacting doors. We were about to give up because we couldn't find anyone, when we found the lady we had seen at the government building! She totally let us in, because she had seen us in our suits earlier that day. After talking for a little bit, we found out that she was actually a member because she asked about my CTR ring. We are going to visit her this week, with her family who are not members.

It's amazing to see the divine connections that God has prepared for us. We can all use this story, to know if we keep ourselves worthy of the Holy Ghost, and keep the commandments, and keep our selves close to the Lord, that He will bless us with things we could never have thought of, or planned in our own minds!! My testimony was strengthened a ton this week!

We did a lot of service this week -- which was way fun -- and found some new people to teach from that!  I already ripped a pair of my pants playing soccer with some kids in the street. (:

We had a man yell at us for about 45 minutes about how the Sabbath day is on Sunday. We told him that every day is like the Sabbath day for us, he was confused then we explained why Sunday is the right day! It was funny, and actually turned out pretty well!

This week the craziest thing happened to me!! I went to a feria, which is basically like a huge garage sale that takes up a street. I was looking for a shirt that I can do service in. Then I found a BRANSON, MISSOURI shirt!! Can you believe that?? In all places, I found a Branson shirt in Chile at a garage-sale-type-thing. Hahahaha. It totally made my day!!

That's about it for this week! If you want some good scriptures, Check out 2nd Nephi, Chapter 31! It's awesome!

Have an awesome week! (:

My camera is being lame! I will figure it out this week and have tons of pictures for you guys!! Woo!

Love, Elder McGee!

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