Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Another wonderful week!

Another wonderful week!
Im coming up on 11 months and that means almost a year! I cant believe I graduated a year ago. Im still telling stories about last summer like that happened a few months ago. but no. Its been a year!

We had a pretty busy week here in the office! My companion and I are just having such a blast. Its quite the job, and can be stressful alot. But for someone who thinks that cant feel stress, Ive definitely felt a little bit lately. We have sent up around 45 missionaries up to Santiago to renew their visas or take one out for the first time. The process takes about a day, and those days are crazy because we take qualquier call and just manage everyone. But ITS A BLAST. We have been trying to get up to Santiago at least once a week so that we can make the process go smooth and take out the Carnets (License or visa). We found taco bell up there and its so wonderful. Its still super expensive. If you wanna eat cheap here, eating out is not the way to go. Even something like taco bell, you have to pay 4,000 pesos. Or like 8 bucks just for a few tacos. While we were in Santiago, we ran into a man from England, and another couple from Australia. It was fun to get to know some of them and ask why they were here. We had to do some waiting up there so we decided to visist this random giant hill with a castle on it in the middle of Santiago. It was cool!
Well as Ive been coming up onto a year mark in the mission, and being away from beautiful Miss Missouri, Ive kinda had the opputunity to look back on who I was a year ago. Its amazing to see the changes Ive made and wanted to make. My will is a little bit closer to Gods now. I have opened my eyes, and really just tried to help out everyone I can, even if its just a simple Hola, Como esta in the calle. (street). But to get where we want to be we are going to have some troubles getting there becuase there are even forces working against us merely for the fact of making us miserable. MY challenge for you this week, is to:

1: Start doing something awesome.
2: Keep doing something good.
3: Stop doing something bad.

I have found that living here in Chile is normal now. Everything around me is just part of my life here. The food, the houses without heating or cooling. The rules of the road. The language. Everything seems like I am just used to it now. Its nice to feel a little comfortable! Its crazy how much you dont miss something, until you dont have it. But its even crazier to think that you can keep going on in life without it, and become used to the life you are now living. But, Im happier than ever and wouldnt change a thing! (:

Ive recently been crazed with drinking cold ment water. Its delish!

Awesome quote of the week. When you feel like quiting something. Remember the reason WHY you started.

Read the scriptures, go to church. Communicate with our maker and thank Him for everything that you have in your life, DAILY.

Love, Elder McGee

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