Sunday, June 15, 2014

Another week in South American Paradise.

Another week in South American Paradise.
Otra semana en Paraíso de Sur América!
Well were here coming up on change week! I am finishing my 3rd change here in the office, and will be entering my last change here in the office, and then Im ready to get back out to the sector and give it my all for my second year!! Im super stoked. When I leave the office, Ill have the same amount of time in the office as I did in the sector! We had lots of running around and getting different tasks done this past week!
Some of them included:

Looking for a new house for all the office Elders to live in. (6 People)
Printing another map for presidents house and buying the frame for it. Which brings me to a funny story. We were buying the caudro (frame) from this little hole in the wall store downtown, and the lady was super nice. We sat down and did the business and she goes "You know, I have family that are from your church." So we got to talking and she had opened up facebook and started talking to her cousin in California about how the Elders were in her office. He replied back and said to go and get whatever you have, cook it up, and give it to them because they do hard work every day. She was so nice and apologized becuase she had no food for us. So we told her that she should invite the missionaries in and feed them when they pass by her house next. So we got her adress and sent some missionaries over to her house. So hopefully they got some good food (;
We did alot of contract work for the new Senior couple of missionaries who are coming to live in one of the apartments above us. Because last week one of the Senior couples got sick and went home early, so we had to book their emergency flights and do some emergency paper work to get them out of the country. They actually left illegal. Funny story too. I had been waiting for their papers to finish some legal work for them so that they could be legal when they left, and they called me up and said they were leaving the next day. So I scrammed and worked pretty hard to get their papers, and we actually sent them off lacking some important documents. I just prayed for the whole after noon in my heart that they would make it out of the country safely, and somehow they did! So I said a wonderful prayer of thankfulness to our Father above.
In the act of getting the new house all set up, we were meeting with the owner of the apartment. He was a pretty funny guy, and after working with us for a few days in a row, we started to rub off on him with our happiness and the joy we have as missionaries. He started greeting people in the street like we do, and starting shaking peoples hands, becuase we had been with him for a little bit going to different buildings and what not. We were in the elevator and going down, and the elevator stopped at another floor and another old man got on. So it was 4 Elders, the apartment owner, and another man who was around 75. The apartment owner was just in a good mood, and greeted him saying Hola, como está? The old man replies "I'm fine, how are you?" Then they started to talk in english. "These are my friends," " Oh, great, they are my friends too." It was just so funny to hear two Chilenos speaking english to each other, but super cool to see the differance one can make by having a good-to-be-around attitude like missionaries have.
We got all the change plans together and we presented them in the office meeting we have on mondays. Its was funny, because we named all the cars. This week we will be driving: The Striking Eagle, The Swift Wolf, The Warranator (For presidents car, becuase his name is Presidente Warne, and Big Bertha. Oh yeah (;
Last night, all the missionaries had to be in the house at 6PM because of the first World cup game chile was going to play in. So we helped the senior couple move in, and then we cleaned our house! Chile beat australia last night, and we for sure knew it! There was a huge party in the plaza until like 11. They honked and screamed and yelled "VIVA CHILE" for ever. It was so awesome!! Everyone just went crazy for hours and there were hundreds of people in the street and thousands in the plaza, there was a huge tv in the middle too. Their countries pride is awesome. Chile literally shut down last night. When the super bowl happens or any big sports go on at home, we divide ourselves with our own sports teams. Here in Chile, its chile vs the world, so they are so united! It was really cool to be apart of. After we cleaned, we welcomed the new comisario to the office who came out with me! Elder Hall. We all did work outs in the dark for an hour with glow sticks on! Pushups, running in place, situps, and occasionally a pledge of allegiance (; Like literally reciting it.
Today we went up the a place called Coya, but this time we went up into the mountains until we found snow. It was a blast and super beautiful.
I saw a good quote this last week:
YOUR BEST TEACHER IS YOUR LAST MISTAKE. Life always offers you another chance, Tomorrow. So get to it. Make the changes you need too. Find the happiness you want. Start doing something different than you are right now.
Thanks for your support, and until next week, Chau.
Love Elder McGee

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