Tuesday, November 11, 2014


So lets see, 
Tueday we had Lidership Council in presidents house like 2 hours to the north in Rancagua. Boy, was that amazing or what! I learned so many great things (:
On the way home, we got a call saying we would be in a trio with another elder, so now we are 3! We are now companions with Elder Welker from Idaho. He goes home in 3 weeks! We are having a blast in with 3. Because we can work alot with members and go out with them and have one group of missionaries finding new people and a missionary and a member teaching all the people we find. Its like the coolest was to hasten the work!

Coolest story of the week:
We teach a gradnma and grandpa named Teresa and Domingo. They are less active members and are striving to come back. One of the main challenges of the hermana is smoking. We went in to their house and sat down and and tried to get her to tell us her challenges, and why she cant progress. We already knew she smoked but it was important that she told us. So after finding that out, we taught an awesome scripture from corrinthians about the obedience that a chile has for its parents and the obedience and discipline with our father in heaven. We taught with such a thick spirit that she immediately felt such remorse and in such debt with her father in heaven that she went and got her last cigarrete and broke it in front of us. Im pretty sure you couldve caught the spirit in a fishing net it was so thick. I learned so much about how important it is to teach with the spirit because it makes people do things that they need to to progress in this world!
We have been taking alot of pictures with random people here in Talca, and we are finding out how to never get rejected. We are having so much success that we have to stop talking to people so that we can teach the lessons we have planned! They is so much work to do and so little time each day!!!
We found a lady this week who is a very free spirit and paints super well! We are gonna try to cultivate her talents and have her paint temples and pictures of christ for people in the church and of course we wanna baptize her. We showed her all the pictures of like Jospeph smiths house and all those old time houses in the back of the triple of scriptures and she wants to paint them!
The happiest moment of the week:
We taught this letter family who lives in a room smaller than my parents bathroom. They dont even have room to have 2 beds. The spirit was so thick that they decided they would come to church. ( the power of the story of the restoration of the church is so powerful) On sunday morning, 5 minutes before the minute, this little family rolled up to church in their nicest clothes and all smiley and what not! My companion and I just looked at each other and thanked God for such an experiance!
Yesterday we didnt get to write because the whole mission met together in Rancagua( 2 hours to the north) and we had Elder Craig Christensen speak to us from the 70. Can I just say WOW. Such an incredible talk and the presecence of the spirit was so immense that I couldnt help from tearing up a little here and there. It was the first time the whole mission has gathered together since I have been out. When President Warne gave his testimony, I was just awed. My mouth was wide open and I just cant explain what I felt and saw in words. INCREDIBLE.
The work is truly being hastened and we need more help! Go out with the missionaries, invite people to church and invite the missionaries to teach your friends.
I love you all
Elder McGee

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